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Mobile Data Usage warning text


was wondering if any one else recently had warning texts about usage being almost used up and thinking this does not seem normal.

I am using a lumia 830 on windows 10, I am a very light user of the net on my phone, mostly social media, never streaming tv etc. After 10 days into my plan, I am texted to say 95% of allowance gone. This perplexed me and got me looking into the online virgin data meter. My phone reports 68mb data usage but online it tells me 1gb. The sync dates for renewal accord. why are the numbers so far apart? Which is correct? Historically, I never get anywhere near 1gb. My plan is for 1gb per month. Can virgin's meter be wrong?

I work in a place of basically no signal, so cannot be using any during the day.

I get home and the wifi kicks in.

My wife also had the same text but she is on unlimited data. 95% of unlimited does not make sense!

Any ideas, suggestions or similar experiences?

Thanks in advance
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