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Re: Help improving home network security (Super hub 3)

Originally Posted by General Maximus View Post
You can do it very easily just not with residential switches and routers. Have you google'd it to see if there is an easy solution before you go out buying new equipment. You can probably get your hands on some old Cisco stuff really cheap but there are many lengthy courses dedicated to how to use them and it isn't something I can't type out here.
I understand - yes I've googled quite a bit and haven't found anything specific to guest lans, or anyone on forums trying what I'm doing (surprisingly). It's all just about guest wifis out there.

Is there a specific feature I need to make sure the switch has (as well as the VLANS of course). Also would this completely isolate it from the rest of the network, so if a guest wants to do anything dodgy ie sniff the network and he's on this specific VLAN, he can't pick up anything from the main private network?

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