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Help improving home network security (Super hub 3)

I posted this in the security thread then noticed this - I don't mean to flood the forums
Devices I have:
VM Superhub 3 (Main internet router)
VM Superhub 2 (spare and not in use) - mentioned in the hope I can make use of this to solve my problem

What I want to achieve:
I use LAN for main computers, and want to isolate 2 devices which are connected via LAN.

I have a guest WIFI set up, but obviously this is no good for the Wired in devices I want to isolate.

Can I isolate 2 specific devices via Mac address or anything, so they cannot sniff my network or have any connection to the rest of my main network? I just don't want them to figure out personal forums etc I visit (I would like to avoid buying a VPN)

Can I use the Superhub 2 as a isolation guest router, and then Lan the devices through that? or any other settings I can tweak to achieve this?

I hope that all makes sense
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