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Re: B&Q Satellite - Ross freesat box and dish

Originally Posted by daycartes View Post
Just like to say that I bought this on impulse, however my version cost £79.99 not £40 (nevertheless 89.99 at homebase). I wasn't even convinced that it would work at all. Thought that it would be a good idea to set it up inside so pointed the satellite out of the bedroom window and looked for satellite but to no avail (I couldn't even see one with my binoculars and I have some really good binoculars), A quick visit to maplins was in order and I managed to pick up a satellite finder for around 20 quid. This worked really well especially as it has an audible output which allowed me to fine tune quite accurately. I must admit to a great deal of satisfaction when I first heard some intelligible sounds however there was no picture which was slightly frustrating then I realised that the set was on radio. Oh joy Oh joy, a picture then arrived when I selected TV. My wife asked me who this joy person was so that was a tricky moment. Having set it up indoors the next thing was to roughly note the direction and then to set it up outside. This went well and once erected meant that minimal time had to be spent on tuning it in. Overall am really pleased with it. I must admit though that the lack of Dave is a loss.Now I have an HD ready telly and I receive both BBC and ITV HD on this satellite but I cant see what all the fuss is about HD. Am I missing something here?
Hints for others who are having problems tuning in:
1 Buy a satellite finder and one which has an audible signal.
1 Set it up inside where you have satellite, receiver and telly all within arms reach.
2 Be patient and then be even patienter. if it doesn't work, stop and have a cup of tea or a smoke. The whole operation took me several hours.

I am so pleased with it.

Good luck
I bought this Ross complete system at B&Q(Isle-Of-Man) yesterday(15%off day) for 56 quid,connected it to my existing dish,think its astra euro?,& its working fine,a bargain for the money,& I now have a spare dish etc for future use.
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