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Angry Final bill from VM

On 12 October 2017 I gave 30 days notice to VM after deciding to move to a new provider following the latest inflation busting price rise. As I paid 12 months line rental saver last December my monthly payment for super fibre 50 and talk more anytime should be 21 as I receive a discount of 8 on my 18 month contract which was due to run till next May.

Despite the fact that as a result of the notice given my contract with VM ends on 11 November I have today received a bill charging for services up to 6 December. As if this wasn't bad enough the bill is for 44.52 made up of 2.77 for "last month's changes" and 41.75 for "bundle charges 7 Nov to 6 Dec".

I am baffled by the amount of this bill as well as the period it covers especially when line rental is covered by Line Rental Saver having been paid up to 6 December. Can anyone offer any explanation for how VM might have decided that such charges are justified?
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