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Re: Epson 1670 Scanner on Vista

Originally Posted by zinglebarb View Post
well to be fair I do have an xp machine right next to my vista machine on the network so I didnt really try that hard
No worries - having an e-chat with Epson right now....

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For the record - this is what they've asked me to do:

EPSON would also always advise that you have all the updates for your Windows Operating System which are available from: (

The next thing that will need to be checked will be the cable connections. Make sure that the scanner is connected directly to the back of the computer and is not connected to a USB hub.

If the scanner is connected correctly, please perform the following:

1. Click on "Start" and the "Control Panel".

2. Click on "Device Manager".

3. Select "Continue" if you receive an "User Account control" message.

4. In this window, make sure that there are no "Exclamation marks" next to any of the options listed under "Universal Serial Bus Controllers". If there are, this may be the cause of the issue and you will need to contact your PC vendor for further assistance.

5. Look for a heading labelled "Imaging Device" and click the + next to it.

6. Remove the entry listed by right clicking and then clicking "Uninstall".

7. Confirm that you wish to remove the device and it will disappear from Device Manager.

8. Look for a heading called "Other Devices" and click the + next to it.

9. Remove all entries listed below here that refer to an EPSON device.

10. Close all windows until you are back to the desktop.

11. Switch the scanner off and disconnect the USB cable.

Next the scanner software needs to be removed:

1. Click on "Start and then "Control Panel".

2. In Control Panel, double click on the icon called "Programs and Features".

3. Remove the items listed below by highlighting each one individually and clicking on the button called "Uninstall" (if at any stage you are asked if you wish to restart the computer you must say no)


4. Once this item has been removed, close all the open windows back to the desktop and restart your computer.

5. Click Start and type "APPDATA" in the Start Search window.

1. Select APPDATA from the list under programs.

2. Open the folder called "Local" and then open the folder called "Temp"

3. Select all items in this folder and press delete on the keyboard.

6. Open up Computer, and navigate to the drive (usually C) where windows is installed. Browse to the folders called windows/inf on Vista. Please be advised that 'C' represents the hard drive on your PC. If your hard drive is a different letter please amend as necessary.

Find the files labelled OEMxx.inf, where xx is a number from 00, 01, 02 etc upwards. You will need to double click on each INF file in turn, and if it says "SEIKO EPSON" or "EPSON" within the first few lines, then you need to close the file, and then delete it. Repeat this until all EPSON INF files are removed.

You MUST NOT delete any OEMxx.inf files that do not have "SEIKO EPSON" in them.
If the .inf file reads SEIKO EPSON at the top and the Scanner Details further down, then close the file and delete the corresponding file(s) i.e. if OEM1.INF is the correct file, then delete oem1.inf and oem1.pnf. Repeat until all EPSON OEMxx.INF files have been deleted. Once all the SEIKO EPSON oemxx.inf and oem.pnf files have been removed, close all the windows. Also if you have a folder within the C:\Windows\INF folder called OTHER, delete any EPSON related files from this folder. Files beginning with EP will be in relation to your product. If you cannot see an 'OTHER' folder attempt to View Hidden Files and Folders.

7. Repeat the search and find and delete the Twain.log, Twainxxx.MTX, Twunkxxx.MTX files and escndv folder:

When a program that uses the Twain Source Manager opens it creates or reads some files in the %systemVariable%/Documents and Settings/%UserName%/Local settings/Temp folder:


If these files already exist they are just read.

Some cleaning programs operate by overwriting the contents of these files but not deleting the filename. Then the Source Manager is unable to read the data and does not create new copies of the files as they already exist. If this happens the Source Manager can't open so no Twain support is available to any application.

Search and Delete the Twain.log, Twainxxx.MTX, Twunkxxx.MTX files from %systemVariable%/Documents and Settings/%UserName%/Local settings/Temp and re-open your application. This will re-create valid log files and will allow the Source Manager to open making the list of Twain Sources available to Twain compliant applications.

Please note: if you do not have a Local settings folder listed, it may be that the folder is hidden. Click Tools > Folder Options. Click the view tab and click 'Show hidden files and folders'.

8. Your scanner should now be fully uninstalled. Once the PC restarts, download the latest driver from the following weblink: (


Choose the Scanner Driver to download and save it to the desktop. Double click on the icon on your desktop and follow the instructions.

If you have to unzip the file, you will need to go to the location where the file has been unzipped to and run the ‘Set-up’ file.If you are trying to install your scanner driver on Windows XP and you get an error message saying that the driver is not "Digitally Signed" then click continue anyway and go through the installation program as normal; this will install the unit correctly.

Try using EPSON Scan again to see if the problem persists.

If the issue is still not resolved, please can you try the following.

Windows uses several background programs called "Terminate and Stay Resident" or TSRs for short. These can be put into the computer when loading programs such as virus checkers.

They become active when Windows is loading and will remain active without your knowledge, sometimes these programs can begin to conflict with each other hindering the performance of both software programs and hardware.

I suggest disabling your Start-up Group Items by following these instructions (this will not stop these programs and applications from functioning, it will just stop any memory resident programs from loading at startup):

1. Click on Start, and type in MSCONFIG in the " Start Search" field and press Enter.

2. Press "Continue" If the "User account Control" message appears.

3. Go to the tab titled Start-up.

4.Click Disable All.

5. Then click on Apply and OK but say NO to restarting your PC. Then shut your PC down completely, leave it for 10 seconds and then turn your unit back on.

6. Once it has finished rebooting, please try using your product again.

7. If the problem does not reoccur, then you will need to re-tick the files in MSCONFIG one at a time, until the problem resurfaces. By narrowing down the programs in this way, you can then work out which program is causing the conflict.
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