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Bhalay207 03-12-2017 18:08

Calling all VM techs!
... your help is needed!

I started as a new trainee tech a week ago. As of yet, Iíve not been sent on the in-house training. Up to now Iíve been sent on the road with a mentor who has shown me loads already. One thing Iím struggling to get my head around is the telco, and I know Iím starting to do my mentors head in by not remember what heís told me, admittedly time and time again.

Can somebody explain the d side/e side of the mux and how they are identified by looking at them. Also, how the cabs work in relation to the mux would be great.

vm_tech 03-12-2017 18:28

Re: Calling all VM techs!
Different areas have different layouts and designs. You say you want to know how the cabs work, I assume you mean the transmission side of things? Again different areas have different architectures. Some areas use SDH networks, some use PDH networks. And again, even 2 areas with let's say SDH, the design could be different. So for a basic overview research SDH and PDH, but it gets rather technical.

Bhalay207 03-12-2017 18:36

Re: Calling all VM techs!
Iím based in Derby. Iím told that the network varies based on location.

The one thing which I get confused with is identifying which is which. The mux on our network has a d side and e side which open 90 degrees do one another. One is in blocks of 50 and the other is in rows of 10. Itís remembering which one is which and then which feeds back to the cab.

Hopefully that makes sense.

vm_tech 03-12-2017 18:46

Re: Calling all VM techs!
Just remember D side is your Distribution, so that goes from mux towards the customer. You've only been doing it a week you'll remember eventually. If you're ever at a cab and you can't tell between E and D, just plug your probe into what you think is the E side and see if you get dial tone. I've never worked on the Derby network so wouldn't have a clue what's what there

Paul M 04-12-2017 00:19

Re: Calling all VM techs!
E Side = Exchange Side - So named because it goes back towards the (Telephone) Exchange.

D Side = Distribution Side - So named becasue it goes out to the Customer Distribution Point(s).

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