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Skie 02-01-2021 15:24

Anyone getting lots and lots of McAfee/Norton phishing emails via their Virgin mail service? The spam filter isn't catching it at all. Must be ~10 a day now for the past few weeks.

Paul 02-01-2021 15:42

Re: Spam
Yep, tons of them, I just delete them.

heero_yuy 02-01-2021 15:54

Re: Spam
I'm getting some dated at the origin of UNIX time. Thunderbird blocks the content.

alanbjames 02-01-2021 19:29

Re: Spam
A friend of mine registered a new version of Norton360 and ever since hes getting a lot of spam.

Stuart 02-01-2021 22:26

Re: Spam
I think there is a massive increase in Spam currently.. While I don't see much spam on my main email address, which is provided through work, according to our email admins, about 80% of the email received by our exchange servers at work is spam, and is filtered.

Chris 03-01-2021 00:05

Re: Spam
Bloody vikings

Dude111 03-01-2021 04:45


Originally Posted by Paul
Yep, tons of them, I just delete them.

Best thing to mate,dont respond or get mad.....Simply Bin it :)

heero_yuy 13-01-2021 09:36

Re: Spam
Just got one thet looks like it's from VM saying my DD has failed and to click on the link otherwise my service will be suspended. :rolleyes:

Link doesn't point to VM either.

I don't pay by DD so I know it's a scam. I always check the origin of such messages.

I've forwarded it to VM's phishing report addy.

Maggy 13-01-2021 09:40

Re: Spam
I use Gmail and have set up other email accounts to forward to my Gmail account and I deal with them through a browser. The Gmail spam filter does the rest and then I just delete the spam.

Hom3r 13-01-2021 14:14

Re: Spam
The only spam I get is the Monty Python variety

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