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Stuart 29-12-2006 20:20

"It's a Wonderful Life" - a communist film?
It seems the paranoia of the US Government in the 40's knew no bounds.

It's a classic film that conveys the message that no one is insignificant, and friends and family are more important than money. It was, therefore, deemed anti capitalist. In the eyes of the US government, everyone was either capitalist or communist, so, therefore, the film was considered communist..

lauzjp 30-12-2006 21:26

Re: "It's a Wonderful Life" - a communist film?
I love that film. makes me cry every time though!

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ooh, ps - incase anyone likes it but hasn't got it - it's available to download for freeee cos its out of copyright! :D

dilli-theclaw 30-12-2006 21:32

Re: "It's a Wonderful Life" - a communist film?
Or done in 30 seconds with bunnies :)

Cobbydaler 30-12-2006 21:49

Re: "It's a Wonderful Life" - a communist film?
Love that site!!!

Rocky Horror Show!!

Dude111 21-11-2020 09:43


Originally Posted by Article
.....The all-American film classic It's a Wonderful Life was slammed as communist propaganda by US government officials in the 1940s.....

Wow Im glad they let it go anyway,thats probably my favourite christmas movie!!!

Took me forever to get a good 1981 release on VHS (The nicest one)

I didnt realise when they originally released this,the part with the guy throwing stuff in a trash can wasnt there! (It was on fire) -- And also the original which mine is was on 2 different reels.... During the movie when George comes to his new house,they quickly switch to the other reel..... (The 1981 release is a straight analogue transfer and I have been wanting one like that for along time)


Originally Posted by dilli-theclaw
Or done in 30 seconds with bunnies :)

That would be nice on the disney channel :D

denphone 21-11-2020 10:15

Re: "It's a Wonderful Life" - a communist film?
Good grief we are certainly going back to the forum thread memory vaults in these last couple of days dude.:D

Dude111 22-11-2020 04:08

Ya it makes me happy to know Paul has had this site as many years as he has :)

I just lost another VBB site (The admin got tired of it and closed it (Another member attacked someone I invited and that made him mad,etc...))

I was thinking of this movie and did a search for it and found 1 thread and the links are still valid so I added a reply :)

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