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vipermo 26-01-2017 16:49

Move bt number to virgin
Hi guys new here :)
just ordered virgin tv/net/home phone cant wait to get it. Only thing is my bt phone contract is not up till may.
So id like to know when my bt contract it up can i move my home phone number it to virgin even tho virgin have given me a new number ?

many thanks.

DJSADERS 26-01-2017 17:22

Re: Move bt number to virgin

Contact virgin at least 10 working days before the end of your BT contract and they will contact BT to arrange the transfer...

I must stress the number must remain active with BT until the transfer is complete... Virgin can only transfer an active number.

vipermo 26-01-2017 17:27

Re: Move bt number to virgin
Great news ill make sure it says active thanks DJSADERS :)

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