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Dude111 30-05-2019 02:42

What audio or video media did you last get??

I last got a 8 track tape :)

Led Zeppelin - First album (I also have the record and cassette (The cass is a re-issue))

Paul 30-05-2019 17:10

Re: What Media did you last get??
Assuming torrents dont count, then Blu-Ray (Frozen Planet).

Stephen 30-05-2019 21:22

Re: What Media did you last get??
Wouldn't this count as what music are you listening to? Or what have you just bought?

Dude111 04-06-2019 14:52

Maybe but this is JUST FOR AUDIO/VIDEO media :)

I last got 2 8 tracks and a record....

1) RECORD: J Geils band - 2nd album (The morning after)
2) 8 TRACK: Rascals greatest hits (Time Peace) - I also have the record
3) 8 TRACK: Criosby Stills and Nash - 4 way street

Stephen 04-06-2019 15:26

Re: What Media did you last get??
Well not arrived yet, but pre-ordered the 35th anniversary release of the Ghostbusters soundtrack on vinyl.

It's the actual score and not the main soundtrack.

Hugh 04-06-2019 18:37

Re: What Media did you last get??
I can’t remember the last time I bought physical audio/video media (or books/newspapers/magazines)- I buy electronic copies.

Stephen 04-06-2019 20:02

Re: What Media did you last get??
I don't normally purchase Blu Ray or CDs anymore.

But I do if it's a limited or collectors edition of something I am a massive fan of or want in my physical collection. Last CD I bought was 5 years ago. Rely on Spotify now for music, I still by Vinyl if it's a good release. Usually remastered.

arcimedes 05-06-2019 10:31

Re: What Media did you last get??
Bohemian Rhapsody on Blu Ray

Dude111 11-06-2019 14:17

I last got an 8 track yesterday :)

Solid Gold rock and roll - Vol 1

Hom3r 11-06-2019 19:21

Re: What Media did you last get??
I buy Blu-Ray where possible

tweetiepooh 12-06-2019 09:58

Re: What Media did you last get??
Dead tree edition of "The Happiest People On Earth" by Demos Shakaria

Paper is still media :P

Dude111 15-06-2019 20:20

Yes it sure is .. Thank you for the entry :)

heero_yuy 18-06-2019 17:59

Re: What Media did you last get??
I think the last physical stuff was a couple of CDs: Sky 1 and Barclay James Harvest Live.

Both to complement the vinyl and to play on convenience (PC ripped to my media server) but I still use the vinyl for the BJH live performance as it is still the best for this.

LFC Scouser 25-06-2019 16:33

Re: What Media did you last get??
Other than games for older consoles, the last physical media I probably purchased was Gerry and the Pacemaker's You'll Never Walk Alone on vinyl.

Dude111 02-07-2019 09:28

Yesteray I got a record I ordered in the mail :)

The Maranantha singers - In his time

There is a song on it I love (IN HIS TIME) I used to hear in the 80s on a christian stations call in show everyday and I wanted to get it...


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