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Corey N Georgie 01-02-2021 10:17

Gaming Chair
Hi Everyone.

Im looking for 2 half decent gaming chairs for a new office/gaming area project.

I've currently picked out these 2 chairs, what do u think guys?

or this one......

What would ur choices be?

Hugh 01-02-2021 11:26

Re: Gaming Chair
Challenge with the first one (I have had this type of office/gaming chair before) is that after a few years, the seat covers start to split/fray, and it looks quite shabby - I now have a mesh chair from Costco, which I'm very happy with (very supportive, but cool in summer).

Paul 01-02-2021 18:38

Re: Gaming Chair
I always have fabric [office] chairs, I prefer them to leather.

Jaymoss 01-02-2021 18:50

Re: Gaming Chair
I have a nice recliner and have my surround speakers fitted to the arms

RichardCoulter 01-02-2021 19:44

Re: Gaming Chair
What's the difference between a gaming chair as opposed to a standard chair?

alanbjames 02-02-2021 04:56

Re: Gaming Chair
We are actually looking for 3 of these not to, im gonna get a new one for my room i think as its 5 + years old and starting to feel unconfortable if your sat in it for a prolonged amount of time.

Some links to chairs would be good people.

Paul 02-02-2021 05:15

Re: Gaming Chair
It might help if you gave some idea on what price range you are looking at. :)

alanbjames 02-02-2021 08:59

Re: Gaming Chair
Max of 150 each. i'd say we should get something half decent for that.

Jaymoss 02-02-2021 10:20

Re: Gaming Chair
This sort of thing is personal. I am a larger guy so my butt dictates what sort of chair I buy. After many years and many different office/gaming chairs I opted for a reclining armchair and a dining table for my desk. Soon got used to the height. When I game fps on keyboard and mouse I sit comfortably forward and when I game with a controller I sit back in reclined feet up comfort arrrrr

alanbjames 02-02-2021 11:06

Re: Gaming Chair
im actually under weight thanks to having Covid Christmas time.

All im asking for are some links as options.

peanut 02-02-2021 17:48

Re: Gaming Chair

(Don't Buy a "Gaming Chair" - Office Chair vs. Gaming Chair Round-Up & Review)

I don't get the appeal, plenty of better and more comfortable chairs around.

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