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Matthew 11-04-2022 23:16

Network Congestion
4th day on the row, come mid afternoon my connection grinds to a halt and packets dropping.

Anyone else having issues, seeing reports of the same else where on other sites but no sign of a fix.

HughA 12-04-2022 08:36

Re: Network Congestion
Same for me in Welwyn Garden City. Seems to last from about 4pm to midnight.

Taf 12-04-2022 09:47

Re: Network Congestion
This has been typical the past few days

daveybm 12-04-2022 10:31

Re: Network Congestion
Same here on the Wirral, anyone know what's going on?

Brunel 12-04-2022 11:20

Re: Network Congestion
Same here.

daveybm 12-04-2022 11:55

Re: Network Congestion
This has just been posted on TBB :-

Synthetic 12-04-2022 13:35

Re: Network Congestion
It's down to Virgin advertising an old peer for that route, should be sorted soon although not sure what sort of change processes virgin have in place, would assume a change like this would need a few authorisations

ozsat 12-04-2022 14:23

Re: Network Congestion
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Same here - exactly same time slots - two different locations

Matthew 12-04-2022 19:20

Re: Network Congestion
Exactly the same, though this popped up earlier.

See what tonight brings.

General Maximus 12-04-2022 21:09

Re: Network Congestion
Just had a look and I have had the same problem over the last three or four nights but it looks like it might be fixed now because tonight's is clear

Matthew 12-04-2022 21:46

Re: Network Congestion
Touch wood mine is similar.

Brunel 19-04-2022 22:16

Re: Network Congestion
Congestion has returned.

General Maximus 20-04-2022 01:25

Re: Network Congestion
interesting, pretty much a perfect match

ozsat 20-04-2022 05:30

Re: Network Congestion
Yes - same here for me from 8pm to 10pm

Taf 20-04-2022 10:27

Re: Network Congestion
The same over here

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