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Emjay 07-05-2019 15:53

FTTP install: coax for Tivo V6 essential?

Couldn't find a conclusive answer to this anywhere on this forum (or the net in general), so asking here.

I'm booked for a FTTP install shortly, and the fibre has been blown into the external wall box already. I fully understand what has to be installed to get the SuperHub connected, but my question relates to the Tivo v6.

Will this require a coax cable back to the RFoG PSU / SuperHub side of things, or can the v6 function fully from the ethernet port? (My house already has wired gigabit ethernet in the lounge and other rooms).

If not, then the installer has a considerably long and tortuous run of coax to fit. :-(

Any info re v6 functionality and the coax connection requirement gratefully received.

Thanks in advance,


spiderplant 07-05-2019 16:27

Re: FTTP install: coax for Tivo V6 essential?
A co-ax connection is required for the V6.

ps. Welcome to the fourm!

vm_tech 07-05-2019 19:13

Re: FTTP install: coax for Tivo V6 essential?
A coax run will be needed for the modem anyway, and to feed power back to the RFoG unit, so depending where you want the V6 in relation to the modem it may not be much extra?

Emjay 08-05-2019 08:59

Re: FTTP install: coax for Tivo V6 essential?
Thanks for the replies folks.

The external wall box (with the Boostrall micronode inside) is one side of the property, and the lounge is the other, but its a very large bungalow and the only easily accessible wall to the lounge is actually the one that it shares with the attached garage.

All the internal floors are original 1930's oak parquet, and in beautiful condition, so there's no way the missus is going to let me get away with running cables around the skirting boards etc!

Looks like a run around the outside of the property, and into the garage, then through the wall is actually the easiest route. Guessing this will be just over a 35m run to where the PSU for the RFoG node and SuperHub will live.

I'll make sure there's nothing in the way before the installer arrives next week.

Thanks again.

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