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alanbjames 14-10-2016 00:49

Kaspersky Serial Number
Im looking to buy Kaspersky 2017 and i notice that a lot of ebays sellers offer serial numbers only which are cheaper than retail kits.

Are these legal?

pip08456 14-10-2016 02:24

Re: Kaspersky Serial Number

tweetiepooh 14-10-2016 11:49

Re: Kaspersky Serial Number
That could depend on what they mean. Norton sell boxes that just have a card in, no media, just the license number. You download from Norton, install and as part of the activation you enter the number.

thenry 14-10-2016 14:49

Re: Kaspersky Serial Number
Barclays have Kaspersky offers if you're with them

progers 18-10-2016 17:23

Re: Kaspersky Serial Number
Coop bank also has offers but you can get them cheaper elsewhere. Be cautious about eBay, lots of scammed serial numbers

thenry 24-10-2016 21:51

Re: Kaspersky Serial Number

alanbjames 26-10-2016 21:11

Re: Kaspersky Serial Number
Thanks guys, i managed to find internet security retail on amazon, 5 users for one year just under 27.

alanbjames 10-11-2016 12:08

Re: Kaspersky Serial Number
Something weird has happened in the past 48hrs with Kaspersky.

My licence has renewed for a year, bare in mind im not auto renew and if i was they wouldnt hold my upto date details as i had new cards beginning of the month.

I have checked my credit card online incase of some miracle and nothing shows.

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