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12noon 19-11-2017 16:29

Black friday deal upgrade ?
Hi, i've had my LG G4 for two years now on a 3G sim and just this sec clicked to upgrade to a 4G plan. I was expecting to get the black friday deal like it says on the home page, but it looks like i've just got the normal standard deal. By the time i'd noticed that i didn't get the extra data per month, it was too late to stop it going through. Hope they give me the extra data anyway. BTW i signed up for the new deal on the Virgin Mobile website.

weenie 19-11-2017 16:46

Re: Black friday deal upgrade ?
I got the new deal during the week and the deal does not say 4x data on paper but I have it. When I log into my account it says your current plan then below it says pending changes and at the bottom it states Lifetime 4 x Data new 0.00, hope that helps.

Like you I signed up for the new deal via the website.

12noon 19-11-2017 16:59

Re: Black friday deal upgrade ?
I opted for the 9 deal, so i'm hoping you are right. Thanks.

weenie 19-11-2017 17:35

Re: Black friday deal upgrade ?
Just check your account and it should say pending changes below your current plan, if not you could always phone VM or use the chat online and ask.

12noon 19-11-2017 17:47

Re: Black friday deal upgrade ?
I've just had a look and it doesn't say anything about the black friday stuff. It just says pending 1GB. It say's nothing about the 4GB i was hoping for. I'll have to phone up and ask. I've to wait for my 4G sim as well tho.

12noon 07-04-2018 13:49

Re: Black friday deal upgrade ?
So months after (it's now April 2018) i've had to get another upgrade.

The 4GB data ended up on my wife's phone. Both our phones are in her name and when i logged into the Virgin website, i could see that the free 4GB for life had been added to her phone.

I still wanted more mobile data and for some reason the website didn't show any upgrades for my phone number. My wife's phone could be upgraded whenever, but my phone had nothing.

I phoned up to see about getting the latest 10 deal (after having to get my wife to go through the password process on the phone) that offered 3GB data and had free 3GB data for life.

After Virgin sent me another 4G sim card, i'm sorted. For some reason i'm now tied in to the deal for 1 year tho !

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