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cjw 07-01-2022 21:56

Can VM cable be laid...?

Last tuesday VM engineer contractors came to start the external work, but my front garden has a raised decking with flower beds because of my disability. They told my PA/Carer it would have to be ripped out for them to lay the cable. My PA suggested going along a border that I have got running along the steps, but they said no, the only option is to rip the decking or nothing.

I've been onto VM manager and he actually told me that I had refused all the options the engineer gave me and I said no, he only gave me one and wasn't interested in anything else.

So, hopefully on Monday as requested the field manager will come out.

My question is as I've searching and seen videos. Does the cable have to be put underground or can it be traced along the public pathway to my path entrance and run upto my doorway in the border, this can be dug in or left exposed.

Something else I was told by this manager today. the cable from the public pathway to the router my laid diagonally across the garden. Why and is that true?



ScottishSteve 07-01-2022 22:48

Re: Can VM cable be laid...?
Mine comes in at the bottom of my garden and is fixed round my garden wall to the house.

The original install team said it would be better to do it that way rather than risk damaging the cable if ever doing any garden work.

Pierre 12-01-2022 16:43

Re: Can VM cable be laid...?
The cable can laid any way possible to get the house, it doesn’t need to below ground.

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