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bbxxl 22-01-2022 23:16

Termination costs?
I have been with Virgin for about 15 years because of their broadband speeds, no one has come close. But now 1G is available they want another £26/month on top of the £110 I already pay.
There is another provider who can now do 1G for £28/month. I realise I will lose my TV and phone but I donít need the phone and 90% of my TV is available on free view an fire stick.
Does anyone know how much I will have to pay to leave - my contract is until December.
Can I leave before then or am I stuck until December?

Chris 22-01-2022 23:28

Re: Termination costs?
If they’re raising their prices you are entitled to leave without penalty even if you’re under contract. You have to notify them within 30 days of their notice about the price increase.

bbxxl 22-01-2022 23:37

Re: Termination costs?
They arenít raising their prices. Only if I want to go to 1G
When I last renewed 1G wasnít available but I was told that when it was it would only be £1/ month more.
Now they tel, me itís a lot more than that so I want to leave.
I have a feeling I am stick with them until December l

pip08456 22-01-2022 23:58

Re: Termination costs?
There is a general price rise on it's way, wait for that and then cancel because of it. No termination chage then.

Just wait for the email telling you of the price rise.

bbxxl 23-01-2022 09:52

Re: Termination costs?
Iíve received the email but my price wonít change until the end of my contract in DecemberÖ


spiderplant 23-01-2022 10:22

Re: Termination costs?
Early disconnection fees are here:

bbxxl 23-01-2022 10:38

Re: Termination costs?
Thank you
Looks like the charge roughly 75% for not providing the service Which seems excessive.
Looks like Iím stuck with them.

newapollo 24-01-2022 16:47

Re: Termination costs?
Hi bbxxl,
You need to re-read your price increase email.
It looks like you are on a fixed price until Decemebr, however even if on a fixed price you can still cancel without any early termination fees.

I'm also on a fixed price deal until November and my email (received 11th January)states:-

Our price increase won’t affect you until your fixed-price offer ends
From then, you’ll start paying the full price for your package, and this will be going up by £8.50 a month. If you’d like to check when your fixed-price offer ends, please refer to your bill.

If you want to, you can change or cancel your package at any time before 15/02/2022, without paying any cancellation fees. Visit to find out more.

bbxxl 24-01-2022 17:30

Re: Termination costs?
Thank you. The ISP I want to move to wonít be ready by then so it looks like I am stuck anyway unless I can find a short term alternative.

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