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Mr_love_monkey 02-09-2005 23:09

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...

Originally Posted by SMHarman
Seen many a movie there, also at the Waltham Cross one (now a Bingo hall)

It was a sad day when they knocked down the odeon at Gants Hill too...

Mal 02-09-2005 23:13

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
The Odeon near St Peter's Square in Manchester closed down earlier this year as well. A bad year for the traditional cinema. :(

sir_drinks_alot 03-09-2005 15:59

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
The cinema near me closed down a few years ago now so unless the other half
drives me i have to take the train. just to be able to see a movie Which is a real
Pain in the ass.

Ramrod 03-09-2005 23:29

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
Just watched Jet Li in 'Unleashed' (aka 'Danny the Dog')........excellent! 10/10 :tu:
Thanks Zingle! :D

pedantic 04-09-2005 00:59

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
House Of Nine 5/10 Dennis Hopper must have been struggling for other parts to have been involved in this low budget flick :rolleyes:

The Ring Two 6.5/10 Not as good as the first but still a good watch :)

Blessed 6.5/10 Good film (especially with heather graham in it ;) ) spoiled a bit though by a weak ending. :confused:


SMHarman 05-09-2005 03:00

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
Hitch - pretty amusing 7/10

dilli-theclaw 07-09-2005 10:24

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.....

MMMMmmm - I did enjoy it, I'd probably have enjoyed it more if I hadn't seen the TV series (Although I know I shouldn't really compare the two)


makikomi 12-09-2005 00:16

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
Just seen The Longest Yard tonight.

This is a re-make of the Burt Reynolds film about an ex-professional American Football player who gets put in prison. He is recruited by the warden to form a team from the inmates to give the guards' semi-professional game a pre-season practice game.

Burt Reynolds does appear in this film, but his former starring role is now played by Adam Sandler. Sandler plays his role well (if unspectacularly) and is assisted by a decent cast which includes Chris Rock. The story line is pretty much exactly what the original 1970s film had, with a few changes here and there.

As in the original film, you have to look at the other players to spot a few well known names. Steve Austin and Bill Goldberg (WWE wrestlers) and ex-NFL stars Brian Bosworth and Bill Romanowski feature too. Nelly (the rapper) does a decent (if undemanding) turn as the star Running Back, and Bob Sapp (PRIDE fighting star) appears too and is hilarious.

Is the film worth seeing? Yeah, I'd say so. I've seen the original film, and this one is on a par with it - each has their strong points and their weaknesses. The humour is far from politcally correct, but did provide quite a few laugh-out loud moments. It definitely helps if you know something about (and like) American Football. I would say it's more of a lad's film, and would make a good film to watch as part of a night out, or maybe to have on DVD to watch with a pizza and a few beers. I'd like to have it in my DVD collection.

I'd give it 7.5 out of 10.

me283 12-09-2005 07:49

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
Seen a few at the cinema recently:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith -lots of nice special effects, not much of a storyline, loads of gunflashes and improbable fight scenes. That said, it was a nice easy watch, made all the more easy by the presence of Angelina Jolie looking... well, looking as amazing as only she can. Oh, and Brad Pitt is annoyingly handsome (is he my long lost twin??!!). 7/10.

Then, The Wedding Crashers - absolutely hilarious! Recommended if you just want laughs galore. Some really funny lines, and the two lead actors just feed off and bounce off each other so well. 9/10

Finally, The Cave - absolute dross. A pretty limited idea of a story line, coupled with really badly stereotyped characters, special effects that mean you can't quite understand what's being said or what's going on, poor acting, and a really predictable ending. Complete waste of time in going to see it IMO. 2/10.

Now, I hope to dig out my old DVD of 9 1/2 Weeks fairly soon... can I rate a film 25/10?!

Stuart 12-09-2005 09:07

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise version): 6/10. This film, while not great, was quite enjoyable and did at least seem to stick to the basic outline of the story. Nicely done SFX (as you would expect from Spielberg), and it was quite watchable, if a little sentimental at times (another thing I tend to expect from Spielberg).

The film was certainly a lot better than I expected.

orangebird 12-09-2005 09:47

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
Anyone seen The Business yet? Am off to see it tomorrow.

ellie 12-09-2005 22:55

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
Bad Boys II ..Luv it, so funny

orangebird 15-09-2005 16:13

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
The Business - a surprisingly enjoyable film - 7/10 :tu:

AndrewJ 15-09-2005 16:19

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
A Set of unfortunate circumstances ( on ntl frontrow ) 10/10 brillant comedy value, with a deep story line, really enjoyed it.

pedantic 16-09-2005 18:11

Re: Rate the last movie you saw...
Boogeyman 5/10

Slow moving horror flick, which only springs to life in the final 15-20 minutes. Worth a watch, but not much to spook you, unless nothing seems to spook me anymore. :D Even watched this on my own :Yikes:


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