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Paul 19-02-2019 19:20

Re: Renewals & Cancellations

Originally Posted by Stephen (Post 35983754)
Netflix confirmed that Punisher and Jessica Jones have been cancelled also now.

I understand though there is still a third season filmed and yet to air.

See posts 1430 & 1463 :D

Yes, JJ Season 3 is still waiting to be aired later in 2019.

pip08456 19-02-2019 20:41

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
The Man in The High Castle gets its fianl seqason this fall.

Paul 20-02-2019 02:30

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Which is another way to say what I came to post, The Man in The High Castle has been cancelled. :D

General Maximus 20-02-2019 07:39

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Nightflyers has been cancelled, the rating were abysmal.

Paul 22-02-2019 18:06

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Young Sheldon has been renewed for Season 4 now.

Currently airing Season 2, it was renewed for a third season a while ago, but this has now been extended to a forth season as well.

Hugh 22-02-2019 18:38

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Altered Carbon Season 2 now in production.

General Maximus 22-02-2019 18:45

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Nice, I would love to know what the timelines is; whether they are hoping to have it ready for the fall tv season or whether it is going to be more like this time next year.

Paul 27-02-2019 00:50

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. have all been renewed by NBC.

telegramsam 27-02-2019 03:17

Re: Renewals & Cancellations

Originally Posted by Paul M (Post 35984562)
Chicago Med, Chicago Fire and Chicago P.D. have all been renewed by NBC.

Great news, especially about the last two.

Paul 28-02-2019 05:36

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Star Trek: Discovery has been renewed for Season 3.
Brooklyn Nine-Nine has been renewed for Season 7.
Strike Back has been renewed for Season 7 (Final Season).

Paul 04-03-2019 15:15

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
ITV have renewed Vera & Endeavour.
The BBC has renewed Call the Midwife for two more seasons.

denphone 04-03-2019 15:19

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
That will make some of our family happy.

Stuart 05-03-2019 10:23

Re: Renewals & Cancellations

Originally Posted by General Maximus (Post 35982629)
Season 4 of Buffy was my favourite. I don't want to sound too pervy but physically I thought she was absolutely perfect.

I enjoyed all of Buffy. It wasn't a perfect series, and had good and bad episodes in every season, but I liked it. I even liked season 6, because while I didn't think the analogy of the addiction to magic worked that well, Allison Hannigan did a good job of portraying bad Willow, and was clearly having fun.

Paul 05-03-2019 13:12

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
Insiders at ABC have indicated that Agents of SHIELD has been cancelled.
While bad news for many, its not quite as bad as it first sounds, as both Season 6 (2019) & Season 7 (2020) are still due, thus making Season 7 the final season.

General Maximus 05-03-2019 22:36

Re: Renewals & Cancellations
yeah I read that the other day, I think Coulson leaked it in a press interview. I don't look at it as being cancelled, the series will be ending as planned after 7 seasons and the writers have got two years to ensure their vision comes to fruition, the characters are respected and story is wrapped up properly and they can plan everything meticulously like GoT and ensure it is done perfectly and in no way rushed. Very few series can say they are given this opportunity.

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