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Paul 05-02-2021 19:53

How long have you had cable BB
A comment in the retentions topic got me wondering how long people have had cable.

For me, its just under 22 years, I had a cable modem, and two phone lines installed in mid June 1999, when it was still Diamond Cable around here (my phone sockets are still the originals, with the diamond logo on them). NTL took over DC not long after.

ash45 05-02-2021 20:09

Re: How long have you had cable BB
had it since 1995 when Yorkshire cable first laid in Barnsley at my mums , although we did leave for a while when VM lost the sky channels as my mum was a big watcher of sky one back then, So switched to sky for TV/BB as it didn't work out good cost wise to keep the VM broadband at the time with sky tv and the speeds weren't really that much different anyway at the time, soon as the sky channels come back we moved back and ive always had it since moving away so bar that odd year or so about 26 years

EDIT missed the BB bit We had TV/Phone from 1995 then BB soon as it was rolled out after TW took over

daveeb 05-02-2021 20:22

Re: How long have you had cable BB
Mid 90's 1994 or 1995. Think it was either Bell cablemedia or Jones cable, can't remember which one came first. I can't remember how much it was but we had a salesman visit to seal the deal, little did he know we would have snatched his hand off at the time whatever it cost.

copernob 05-02-2021 20:39

Re: How long have you had cable BB
Can't remember the date but I signed on with NTLWORLD the second day they switched on in Swansea. Telephone days and Sun News. lol. Quite a few years ago now and could of been late 1990s not sure.

Martin_D 05-02-2021 20:48

Re: How long have you had cable BB
Joined telewest in 1999 until middle of 2020 now on BT FTTP

david_w2k 05-02-2021 21:18

Re: How long have you had cable BB
Had unlimited dial up on NTLWORLD and then won a competition on the original NTHellworld to get 6 months free BB - must have been back in 2002/2003! I was in school then and finally got broadband lol

Rankrotten 05-02-2021 21:27

Re: How long have you had cable BB
CableTel Glasgow (ex Clyde CableVision) 1995 with ISDN dial up, then broadband 512k in 1999 with the 150 purchase of a 3Com CMX cable modem. Still have it in a drawer.

Jaymoss 05-02-2021 21:54

Re: How long have you had cable BB
nearly 20 years. 512kbps was the bomb back then

Had TV first with Comtel bought soon after by NTL .Had dial up with ukonline then AOL until the cable modems were available . I remember the weekly calls "is it here yet"

Chris 05-02-2021 22:02

Re: How long have you had cable BB
I joined NTL in around 2001 and was a customer for ... 3 years. :disturbd: Gave it up when we moved house and went off-net, although we did have Virgin dial up and then ADSL at our new address, until they closed the service.

copernob 05-02-2021 22:03

Re: How long have you had cable BB
It was so SloooooooooW back then and paid via the Phone.

BenMcr 05-02-2021 22:12

Re: How long have you had cable BB
Originally a Videotron user at my parent's home near Southampton around 1995 when I persuade them to get cable TV with the 'free phoneline' and we joined an ISP that offered zero rated calls for a monthly subscription fee for cable phone customers. That was like winning the lottery when you managed to dial in to a spare modem line!

Didn't get cable broadband for myself till several city moves later in 2010 when my current address in Manchester got a connected through a small fill in dig.

Paul 05-02-2021 22:27

Re: How long have you had cable BB
Before Diamond cabled our area (we were one of the last they did) I was actually on dialup for about 3 years - so ended up going full circle.

raging bull 05-02-2021 22:31

Re: How long have you had cable BB
Sometime in the 1990's, using C&W analogue messaging via the STB.
Customer service supplied from Leeds (Seacroft) even pay to contact them.
512Kb service over the phone line using inbuilt computer modem for the kids.

spiderplant 05-02-2021 22:39

Re: How long have you had cable BB
I've never lived anywhere that had cable :(

SnoopZ 05-02-2021 22:42

Re: How long have you had cable BB
I got a Cambridge Cable 600Kb connection around 2000 which then got bought by NTL which got rebranded into Virginmedia.

I have no other high-speed options in my village.

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