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Neil 29-11-2003 09:13

Want ADSL?-Read on....
As you may know, a little while I decided enough was enough & decided to ditch my ntl BB service, & get ADSL-even though my 'service' was subsidised by ntl for helping to run .com, I decided I would rather pay for a decent service than get a shoddy one cheap.

I just wanted people to know just how easy & painless the switch can be, as I know a lot of people are worried about the 'difficulties' in switching BB providers.

So if you're thinking of ditching ntl BB, & want to get ADSL, read on & I'll show you just how easy it can be!

First of all, for ADSL you need a BT phone line. If you haven't got one (but did have as most ntl customers came from BT), then BT offer free reconnection, & all you have to do is call 0808 100 5152. I did just that & a very professional chap took me through the whole process in about 5 minutes (including confirming that the existing phone number could be kept) They take care of the whole phone line switch, & you won't even have to speak to ntl about it!) :p

They gave me an installation date/time (between 8 & 10.30am), & even said that if the engineer could do the job from 'outside' the house (I.E at the green box) & didn't need to come in that they would ring me on my mobile so I could then go to work knowing I didn't have to wait in (complete opposite of ntl)

The engineer arrived at 8.30 am, & activated the main socket, & also the extension, & left at about 9.30am, he was very professional in his manner, & also his appearance-job done. :)

So-now you've got your BT phone line (or already have one), what do you do now? You need to settle on a DSL provider. I went to, & used their 'compare ISPs' link. I kind of knew the three main providers I was thinking of (Pipex/Zen/Nildram), as I had spoken to various friends/family that had DSL to get their opinions.

After mulling it over, I went for Pipex. So I went to their website & entered my phone number. It confirmed that DSL was available, & that I could order there & then online! :D

I did just that, & got an email back confirming my order, & telling me I would soon receive a reference number to track the status of my order. That mail arrived the next day, & I watched as it was handed to BT to do a physical check on the line for DSL compatibility, up to the point where I got a mail with an activation date. When I got this, I ordered my wireless DSL modem/router & waited for the day to come. :p

They said it would be activated by the end of the working day, & by Jove it was! I plugged in my router, entered the Pipex username/passwords they had sent me in the post (just as they had said they would in the original e-mail :) ), & away I went.

I personally cannot fault Pipex, their staff have been courteous, polite, professional, & most of all-knowledgeable.

So-if there's anyone out there who thinks that it's a nightmare to switch phone providers/BB providers-think again!

Below are all the links I think you will need for a hassle free switch-take the plunge, you won't regret it. :)

Below are the links you will need to get you going, good luck & may the force be with you!

1) Check ADSL availability in your area via the BT website by clicking here. (remember if you have an ntl phone then you have to check it via postcode & that is not as accurate as the BT number checker, but it will give you a very good idea)

2) If you can get ADSL, & want to switch to BT, then ring them for free on 0800 100 5152 & get the number ported back to BT.

3) Compare ADSL providers by going to ADSLGuide.

4) Once you have settled on a provider, sit back & relax in the knowledge that your days of crappy/unreliable transparent proxies, ****** poor email service/BS from tech support of "you'll need to reformat/you've got a virus/reinstall Windows/it's down to spyware/down to Kazaa" are on their way out!

It took 6 days from BT livening the phone line, to Pipex getting BT to activate it for DSL, & remember that as you have to give ntl one month's notice to ditch their shoddy 'service', you needn't be without BB at all-in fact, if you've got a spare PC/laptop-why not just connect it to the ntl connection for the remainder of your month & get your money's worth!? :p

Anyway-like I said, don't feel it's a painful process-it isn't. It can be done quickly, & painlessly, & if anyone wants any more help assistance in this area, feel free to drop me a PM or reply in this thread. :)

Over & out!

Winner of 3 recent ISP Awards-click here for more info---->

lemarsh 29-11-2003 10:31

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
One thingg to just point out (as I was looking at doing the same).

Most providers who offer free modems are 'normally' not very good (looking at the stats) - e.g. Freeserve, BT Yahoo, Tiscali - and also the modems are normally USB ones.

This means that if you have a router serving a number of PCs, then this will not normally work (most take Ethernet, not USB - but some may).

There is a way that this will work, but involves going through the main pc, leaving it on etc.

Can I just add eclipse onto the recommendations....

Neil 29-11-2003 10:45

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
Good point 'lemarsh'

That's why I got a combined router/ADSL modem (wireless too!)

I got my (Netgear DG824M) router (together with a (again, Netgear) wireless ethernet 'bridge' (model ME101) for my XBOX too as a bundled package from They were also very efficient in the whole ordering/tracking/delivering process.

Link to wireless router section:


DrAwesome 29-11-2003 10:50

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
There is also a charge if you upgrade or downgrade your service.. so choose carefully if you decide to make the switch

You'll need to pay the service regrade fee that PIPEX are charged by BT (£35 + VAT) so it's worth considering carefully whether you will need the service before you sign up.
Other changes of service are likely to require a full cease and reprovide. At present, the £35 + VAT charge only applies to the following PIPEX Xtreme service regrades: Solo/Solo2Go 500 to Solo 1000... Solo/Solo2Go 500 to Home Office 1000 and Home Office 500 to Home Office 1000

Steve H 29-11-2003 11:41

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
Followed the exact same path as you Neil :D Everything was smooth, from both BT & Pipex, everything arrived on time, The Username and Password both worked (Unlike a certain other company :rolleyes: ), and I cant fault the service :)

And as a added extra you arent stuck in a 12 month Contract !(though its £50 to cancel)

Tiptoes 29-11-2003 11:52

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....

Originally Posted by Pierre Bordeaux
Ooh, I get it, we now have to guess who is Neil/Ben/Mick on the pipexwoe forum...Right?



Not that neil felt any need to hide the fact when all said and done is it just you being troublesomed?

And from looking at the Installtion Issues section it woul dbe the first time Ive seen one empty...

Good luck Neil and well don Pipex I would say..

(From someone who has been aware of the quality of pipex product since 1994 when I first used the dial up service)

Xaccers 29-11-2003 12:12

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
*so jealous*

Moved from an ex-cwc BB (I've had great service) house to a non cabled one, thought not to worry, can get adsl, will go with pipex as they're one of the best.
Explained this to parents, made it clear WE ARE GOING WITH PIPEX
Parents phone up Sky to get that installed, get told they can have BT broadband, and decide to ignore my sound advice.
So BT Broad****e installed.
I quickly look into getting it transfered to Pipex before the first two weeks are up and we're locked in for a year.
Parents decide to wait a week "to make sure its working"
BT stall the move to Pipex and so we're stuck with a ****e service for a year
I'm not a happy bunny.

Bifta 29-11-2003 12:40

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
Apart from the extra expense, I don't see anything wrong with BT Broadband .. you're connecting to the same exchange to the same equipment as any other DSL provider .. oh wait, there is only 1 (unless they have LLU) .. BT.

Xaccers 29-11-2003 12:43

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....

Originally Posted by Bifta
Apart from the extra expense, I don't see anything wrong with BT Broadband

Poor customer service, no news servers (that I know of), smtp traffic restrictions...

Bifta 29-11-2003 12:51

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....

Originally Posted by Xaccers
Poor customer service, no news servers (that I know of), smtp traffic restrictions...

At times Pipex's customer service is way beyond sh*te, example, 3 weeks to reply to an email (if they bother replying), staff that blatently lie through their teeth, refusing to acknowledge new payment methods, taking more than one subscription a month, totally cocking up upgrades, not being open out of normal office hours (no weekend cover). New's servers? Don't care for them, that's what I use news2me for and you can run your own SMTP server on a port of your choice.

erol 29-11-2003 14:28

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....

Originally Posted by Neil
If anyone is thinking of switching, & wants any other info, feel free to contact me, if you settle on Pipex-let me refer you & I get a free month's ADSL! :D

Er sorry to disapoint but no you don't, at least not right now.

Paul 29-11-2003 19:15

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
Can I just ask why a thread on Pipex ADSL is in the NTL discussion forum ?

Florence 29-11-2003 19:47

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....

Originally Posted by pem
Can I just ask why a thread on Pipex ADSL is in the NTL discussion forum ?

Because Neil and Steve H have moved to pipex from NTL

Shaun 29-11-2003 20:11

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
I'm so grateful for all the info Neil, I'm going to call BT on Monday, I'm so fed up with Ntl, time to dump the lot I think. If I take Pipex I'll put you down as my referrer ;)

Simply Gray 29-11-2003 20:25

Re: Want ADSL?-Read on....
Ex-cwc and also thinking of moving from NTL. Fed up with email service, BB service and TV service. Does anyone know of a site that provides comparison between NTL and Sky/BT/Pipex solution, i.e. costs and service?

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