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MovedGoalPosts 02-07-2005 19:44

The NTHW Clan
Interested in the NTHW Clan - Then Read This!

The [NTHW] Clan is the community for computer gaming. We evolved from (Cable Forum's previous website name). A few years ago we sread our wings for independence but retain an affiliation with Cable Forum, many of our members being active on both sites.

Who Are We?

We are a group of avid computer gamers who like to shoot each other! :sniper:

The tag [NTHW] refers to our roots on the old nthellworld forums, which became Cable Forum.

The clan was founded originally for Xbox players before the computers took over, and the console players became inactive. We'd like to see the console players up and running again if there is enough interest.

What do we Play?

Battlefield 4 has captured our interest after a long run with Battlefield 3. Many of the clan flirt with Call of Duty

Our first servers operated the Medal of Honor: Spearhead games. Over the years we've played all of the Call of Duty Series but CoD 4 remains a favourite. We've also enjoyed Battlefield Bad Company 2, Call of Duty 4 and Black Ops, amongst others. There seems to be a weird fascination with Bejewelled. No doubt as other games are developed we'll take a look at them.

The Public Computer Gaming NTHW Clan Servers

We currently operate Battlefield 4 Game Servers. Our setup does change periodically. Current information is on our website.

Come join in and prove your mettle. :ninja:

Each computer clanner contributes towards the funding of these game servers. :2cents:

When do we Play?

There’s usually someone online every evening, most clanners playing at least once a week.

Special mention has to be made of the PC group's FNG (Friday Night Gaming) and SNG (Sunday Night Gaming). Busiest times are typically 9pm till bedtime. :sleep: Just connect to the server. If nobody is there, chances are others will join if you are patient.

The benefits of Clan Membership

We have a public forum, but clan members also have a private discussion area.

PC players, who have contributed towards our server costs have “rcon” access, allowing the ability to choose game and maptypes.

We make use of Teamspeak 3 for voice communication during gameplay. It allows a friendly barrage of tuants without the need to type tediously. In matches it also allows discussion of tactics. It adds so much to the experience that it is mandatory for clanners. If you join our forums and are seen on our game servers we can give you details of Teamspeak too.

And the biggest benefit: clanners can use the [NTHW] tag :cool:

Can I Join? pimp:

We’re always interested in new blood (literally), but membership isn’t for everybody. Even when accepted into the clan you'll be on probation for a while.

Before applying, make sure you have shown your face in gameplay a few times, we need the target practice! It helps you to know us and us to know you.

When you are ready, post your application on in the Recruiting area.

See you online. :tu:

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