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kronas 05-09-2003 19:54

avril (ofcourse) :p

some 50 cent

some delta goodrem

a couple of eminem's tracks


Shaun 05-09-2003 20:12

I'm listening to :

Mal 05-09-2003 20:14

Luma Lane - Nice Girls

Mal 05-09-2003 20:42

Now: Doves - The Last Broadcast

Mr_Burns 05-09-2003 21:08

Imonster - NeveroddoreveN

Bifta 05-09-2003 21:47

Aphrodite - woman that rolls!

Kneebs 05-09-2003 21:56

Good Charlotte - The Young & The Hopeless

Dave Stones 05-09-2003 22:06


Originally posted by morris
i saw them at Reading festival and they sucked so much they were pelted with bottols, it was quite funny.
yes and i saw them at leeds. they asked to be pelted with bottles in case you werent paying attention. no matter what you think it wasnt a spontaneous crowd thing...

[edit] oh and im listening to one minuste silence's new album now, for anyone that cares...

ronald146m 05-09-2003 22:08

Right now,

Dar Williams - Highway Patrolman


:devsmoke: :devsmoke:

Dave Stones 05-09-2003 22:16


Originally posted by morris
yeah i had already given up on them so i wasn't really paying attention because they really did suck.
i wouldnt say they sucked that badly... some of the songs they didnt play greatly but they had their moments.

now junior senior they really DID suck big style...

tick 05-09-2003 22:16

bruce springsteen

Dave Stones 05-09-2003 22:34


Originally posted by morris
and metalica. the time before when they played at Reading they were 100 times better. and i thought the darkness and system of a down were cr@p.
we dint see the darkness we were "busy" elsehwere...

SOAD were good at leeds thouh

Sipowicz 05-09-2003 23:50

BB KIng & Eric Clapton - Riding with the King......

I felt like the Blues this evening, thats all.......

cjll3 06-09-2003 00:07

Elton John - One Night Only

homealone 06-09-2003 00:27

Frank Zappa

Hot Rats

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