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RichardCoulter 04-06-2019 14:23

Apple looks set to close iTunes.
Apple looks set to end i-tunes:

Is this service still popular?

Stephen 04-06-2019 15:03

Re: Apple looks set to close iTunes.
Well they aren't ending iTunes as such.

Over the years it's gone from a program to manage your music collection to adding, podcasts and TV and movies. So it's gotten too bloated.

With the next version of MacOS(10.15) that's coming iTunes is going but getting replaced with 3 separate programs.

One for music and one for videos and the third for Podcasts. Similar to how it is on iPhones and iPads.

I think it is the right move to make.

However windows users will still have iTunes for the time being.

RichardCoulter 04-06-2019 18:32

Re: Apple looks set to close iTunes.
Okidoki, i've never used it myself, but a lot of people I know seemed to mention having it, but that was ages ago.

Stephen 04-06-2019 21:06

Re: Apple looks set to close iTunes.
It used to be if you had an iPod or iPhone that you needed iTunes to activate and do software updates. Also to put music and other stuff onto the device. That is all done away with now. As can all be done OTA.

Stuart 06-06-2019 23:10

Re: Apple looks set to close iTunes.
It's also worth pointing out that the media are mixing things up and telling people this means their itunes purchases won't work. This is not true. As Stephen said , the iTunes service isn't going anywhere. It's just the application itself is being split up, which (on the mac at least) the device management being done on the device, over the air or from macOS itself and dedicated apps for Music and Video.

I'm testing macOS Catalina myself. The device management (backup, iTunes file sharing etc) is, as I noted, done directly from the OS now, where it actually makes more sense.

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