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ccarmock 18-04-2017 21:31

New Malden network changes
I had received a letter from Virgin Media business about outages and network updates at the New Malden head end for today.

Sure enough the 200 Mb/s business cable service I have went offline today for about 30 mins or so. When it came back the previous 12 down / 2 Up channels has changed to 16 down and 2 up.

The CMTS MAC address is different but is still a Cisco.

Since this was done performance has dropped from a steady 201 Mb/s reliable downstream to around 150 -170 Mb/s so much for an 'upgrade'

Kushan 19-04-2017 10:57

Re: New Malden network changes
It's strange that going from 12 channels to 16 has resulted in a performance drop. Have you rebooted since the upgrade, at all?

ccarmock 19-04-2017 22:18

Re: New Malden network changes
Yes I had rebooted the Hitron afterwards, but that made no difference. I spoke to Business faults who remotely checked power levels etc my end and confirm all are goo d- as they are very close to 0. He also checked the CMTS and said it was in good shape, but confirmed that my service bad moved CMTS during the upgrade work.

However he was able to tell me that the network equipment that the GRE tunnel terminates on that is used to provide the fixed IP address service was also being upgraded overnight last night. Indeed that was another outage for a few hours and today service seems much better and back up to normal performance.

Why the two were related I don't know or whether there was just excessive local network congestion yesterday that is now clear I don't know, but thankfully it seems far better now.

The work on the central equipment is in preparation for the launch of the routed subnet fixed IP option, which I have already, but as a trial customer.

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One thing I have now noticed is an odd value for one of the upstream frequencies - previously I have always seen them end in a set of zeros..... does this look right?:-

Upstream Overview
Port Frequency (Hz) BandWidth Modulation Power (dBmV) Channel
1 31000000 6400000 ATDMA 39.750 2
2 37600007 6400000 ATDMA 41.250 1

JordanTheToaster 20-04-2017 10:26

Re: New Malden network changes
I have the same frequency but just without the 7.

ccarmock 20-04-2017 21:57

Re: New Malden network changes
ah ok - are you fed from the New Malden head end by the way? I see they are showing for you as 64 qam now too. The Hitron doesn't show that setting. Nor does it show operational config. But they seem to have tweaked that for business users now as I am getting slightly higher top speeds than before - peaking at around 207 Mb/s, on a 200 Mb/s service.

Still struggling to get above 10-11 Mb/s upstream though which I gather has been a challenge with the fixed IP service (single and routed subnet that I have)

JordanTheToaster 21-04-2017 01:20

Re: New Malden network changes
I'm in Bath myself currently getting this.

ccarmock 21-04-2017 14:48

Re: New Malden network changes
looks good performance.

Does anyone think it's odd I have a frequency shown that doesn't end in a set of 0's ? While it's only a few off that it's the first time I have seen that and wonder if there is a config issue somewhere. Upstream performance is more variable since this change of CMTS

JordanTheToaster 21-04-2017 15:03

Re: New Malden network changes
Could just be a hub issue since I don't think I've ever seen it end in anything but 0.

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