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Central 11-01-2021 19:59

Gaming unit storage
Hi all,

We are going to be putting our TV on the wall soon so looking for some sort of storage unit to put the sky box on, ps4 and switch.

What do people use?

The wife is quite fussy and would prefer to hide as much as the wiring as possible.

Any suggestions?

Cheers all.

Hom3r 13-01-2021 12:16

Re: Gaming unit storage
You have several options

1. Cut a channel in the wall, but this is messy and only ideal if striping the room to redecorate.

2. get some trunking, this could be painted to match the wall.

I mounted or TV over the fireplace and the TV is just about the same size as it, I Velcro tied the cables and AC and run them around the corner.

When we are allowed to go out I will pop into B&Q/Homebase to get some corner channelling.

Central 13-01-2021 14:15

Re: Gaming unit storage
Yeah I think we will go down the trunking route.

Hom3r 13-01-2021 16:02

Re: Gaming unit storage
Make sure it has the capacity for all the cable can take, even if you aint using them ATM,

Central 13-01-2021 16:59

Re: Gaming unit storage
We have.

It will carry 2 x hdmi and a power cable.

Hom3r 15-01-2021 13:39

Re: Gaming unit storage
What about an Ethernet cable, even if the TV doesn't have one the next one may.

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