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Damien 14-06-2013 12:49

3DS: Animal Crossing

Looking forward to this! :D

tizmeinnit 14-06-2013 12:58

Re: 3DS: Animal Crossing
lol Bethia used to play the original. You are joking yes?

Damien 14-06-2013 12:59

Re: 3DS: Animal Crossing
Nope. Animal Crossing is a great game. I played it on the Gamecube and it's a very different type of gaming to the usual kind.

admars 14-06-2013 13:48

Re: 3DS: Animal Crossing
I'm tempted to get a 3ds and this for the missus come Christmas time. She loved the Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon games on GC, but doesn't seem to be anything similar on PS3 :(

Jameseh 14-06-2013 13:57

Re: 3DS: Animal Crossing
Played Wild World for a good 100+ hours but never bothered with whatever terrible name europe got for the Wii. Just sold my 3DS though so I'l not be getting this either.

Uncle Peter 14-06-2013 15:42

Re: 3DS: Animal Crossing
Tempted to grab this with a 3DS over the weekend, loved Wild World and still play it again from time-to-time.

Damien 14-06-2013 16:03

Re: 3DS: Animal Crossing
Real men play Animal Crossing.

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