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joniemaximus 23-04-2021 12:17

Landline Question
Firstly apologies if there is somewhere better for this.

I recently hand a BT Open reach engineer visit my house because of a broadband fault. My Landline worked fine but my new Superfast from sky hadn't worked since my activation (Moving from Sky-Essential). The engineer was told that the fault had been rectified (My broadband had started to work over night before the visit) but proceeded to poke around regardless.

In our house (And for many years before we owned it i suspect) the main drop cable goes into the hallway at the front of the house were it meets a junction box, before going back out around the house and into the office at the back of the house where the master socket is.

I'm guessing whilst disconnecting this junction box he hasn't re-connected something properly and now im not only left with no broadband but also no landline. Its going to be Wednesday next week before they can get an engineer back out but i have 2 questions:
What could he have done. There are only 2 sets of 2 cables in the junction box (Solid Blue and Blue/White). Is it possible he's connected the wrong wires.
Where do i stand with wiring as it's technically on my property and the line to my house is fine, but no matter what i plug into the master socket it will not work.
Is there anything i could do like re wiring the junction box to correct the issue.

I'm trying to work from home and its awfully difficult without internet.

pip08456 23-04-2021 12:58

Re: Landline Question
It's possible he's used the standard orange, orange/white at the master socket.

Jaymoss 23-04-2021 13:00

Re: Landline Question
Problem as I see it is if you do anything they could blame you for any issue and then charge you. As it stands at this point it is all their fault

joniemaximus 23-04-2021 13:11

Re: Landline Question
True its just painful having no internet whilst working from home and the prospect of another 5 days isn't promising.

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the cable around the house only uses the blue/white and white/blue wiring in the cable.

Paul 25-04-2021 05:01

Re: Landline Question

Originally Posted by joniemaximus (Post 36077776)
the cable around the house only uses the blue/white and white/blue wiring in the cable.

Which would be correct, they should be connected to points 2 & 5 in the sockets.

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