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Hom3r 30-09-2020 11:53

Nightmare of a night
My mum finally came home from the care home on Monday, she had a light lunch , but later in the day she couldn't keep stuff down, we put this down to the fact she was home and in all what was going on she would settle.

I slept on the sofa as she was paralysed and needed moving, I was up at 1:30am, 3:30am and 5:30 to mover her.

On Tuesday she didn't look good so I called 111 in late afternoon, while waiting for the next level to call me back my mum was just sitting there not responding to me, even when I pinched her ear. so calling 999 they help me keep calm while throwing the covers on the floor to lay her flat, then the paramedics turned up and she started to respond, but she was dehydrated and they took her in, but because of Coronavirus we weren't allowed to go.

My sister called several times and she seemed to be answering their questions.

I went to bed at 10pm as I had only 5 hours sleep the night before, I got a call at 11:30pm and gave the Dr some back history on her.

Then at 1:54 am I got call to say she had stopped responding to treatment and we should get there, my dad couldn't face it so I went with my sister, and stayed with her.

She died at 3:15 am.

papa smurf 30-09-2020 12:02

Re: Nightmare of a night
Sorry for your loss sounds like you did everything you could possibly do,take care of yourself.

Damien 30-09-2020 12:06

Re: Nightmare of a night
So sorry Homer :(

Hugh 30-09-2020 12:27

Re: Nightmare of a night
Sorry for your loss - as Papa says, please taken care of yourself.

joglynne 30-09-2020 12:55

Re: Nightmare of a night
Oh Hom3r I am so sorry. You were a wonderful Son and did everything in your power to make her comfortable. Take care of yourself sweetie. xxx

Mr K 30-09-2020 12:57

Re: Nightmare of a night
Sorry for your loss.

Try and make some time for yourself in the next few days e.g. get out for walks and some 'me' time. Helped me through a similar time.

Chris 30-09-2020 13:04

Re: Nightmare of a night
I'm really sorry to hear this.

You're going to feel pretty rotten for a while, especially dealing with the funeral under present restrictions. But it will pass. In time the pain will fade and happier memories will come to the fore. Even as you remember your mum at the very end, choose to remember that you were able to care for her at the very end. Every time you woke in the night was one more chance for you to spend time with your mum and do something for her. It will be hard to see it in those terms for a while yet. Don't force it. But peace will come.

I'm one of those that prays, so I will.

mrmistoffelees 30-09-2020 13:20

Re: Nightmare of a night
So sorry for your loss, as others have said, please look after yourself and your family at this terrible time.

Maggy 30-09-2020 13:25

Re: Nightmare of a night
Sorry for your loss. take care of your father, he will need all your support.

Ken W 30-09-2020 13:36

Re: Nightmare of a night
Very sorry for your loss

1andrew1 30-09-2020 13:53

Re: Nightmare of a night
Very sorry to hear this news.

Look after yourself and don't feel guilty about taking time out from all the inevitable tasks that arise in such situations for yourself.

jfman 30-09-2020 13:55

Re: Nightmare of a night
Oh no. I'm so sorry, Homer.

Sephiroth 30-09-2020 14:08

Re: Nightmare of a night
Sincerely echo all the condolences you've received, Hom3r.

pip08456 30-09-2020 14:11

Re: Nightmare of a night
Sorry for your loss Homer. She'll always be with you though.

heero_yuy 30-09-2020 14:21

Re: Nightmare of a night
Sorry to hear of your loss Hom3r. Our thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Be strong.

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