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Supersmithy 29-09-2020 20:59

Damaged cable?
Hi there,

I just wanted to sanity check this with a group of experts before I resort to trying to reroute a cable! I have wired up my house with Cat6 cable and a bunch of Cat6 module ports. All wired T568B format and working well across all ports...but one.

I have a cable tester and I get comms on all lights except 2 (orange), 3 (green/white) and 4 (blue). I have rewired and double punched the module on each end of the cable and get the same outcome + have tried different patch leads.

Am I right in saying I must simply be dealing with a damaged cable? I'm struggling to accept this as it's one of my shorter least convoluted lengths!

Any and all thoughts or suggestions appreciated.

pip08456 29-09-2020 21:17

Re: Damaged cable?
Sounds like a damaged cable.

idi banashapan 29-09-2020 22:13

Re: Damaged cable?
Sounds like a damaged cable.

heero_yuy 30-09-2020 11:15

Re: Damaged cable?
If you have a multimeter do a continuity check on each core in the cable pair that fails the check to see if one is open. If that passes then a check on each pair for a short.

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