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Stephen 31-03-2022 19:23

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
TBH I don't really fancy it.

Pierre 01-04-2022 21:05

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Just watched Sonic 2, it was good, the kids loved it. At 2 hours it was just a bit too long. The was a “wedding” sequence that could have been cut.

Idriss Elba as Knuckles is very good.

Post credits scene, definitely a third movie and knowledgeable Sonic fans won’t be disappointed

Stuart 03-04-2022 00:00

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Watched Sonic 2 today. Enjoyed it more than i thought. It's a bit cheesy, but a good laugh (especially for the kids) and a couple of good easter eggs.

Also saw Morbius last night. Good points: Matt Smith as Milo (Morbius's surrogate brother and the bad guy), excellent effects (particularly the sequence where the go on the "Chicago" metro ("Chicago" is in quotes, as the station is clearly one of the Jubilee line patforms at Charing Cross, but it looks incredible when Morbius flies out in front of a train, and flies out into the Chicago metro).

Bad points: The climatic fight scene that manages to be simultaneously confusing, and less impressive than most of the fights featured in Buffy The Vampire Slayer (which were impressive TBF, but Btvs was a TV series, and I expect more from a high budget movie, especially with the massive advances in Computer GFX since Btvs).
Also, pretty much everything else, although the woman who is Dr Morbius's assistant has potential to be interesting in any sequels (she isn't really interesting in this, beyond looking stunning), and the post credits scenes hint at an interesting future.

General Maximus 03-04-2022 00:13

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
So taking all that into consideration and bearing in mind this thread is "rate the last movie you saw", what score would you give it out of 10? I am curious as you have already commented that 90% of the movie was cack.

Tinky 03-04-2022 14:31

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Two mules for sister Sara -1970 western

I've seen this before and enjoyed it 8/10

Paul 04-04-2022 00:28

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Morbius: 5/10

Originally Posted by General Maximus (Post 36117862)
Morbius: 4/10

Yet another case this year of the trailer making the film look a million times better than it actually is ..


Originally Posted by Paul (Post 36117882)
TBH, I didnt think the trailers made it look that good, it sounds like it isnt going to be (not seen it yet).

In the end, I found it slightly better than expected from the trailers, but not brilliant, so five.

Dude111 18-04-2022 00:06

I last saw SAW II (2005) on VHS :)

I think it shoukd have ended with 2.... It was a good sequal but no more were actually needed........

General Maximus 18-04-2022 01:10

Re: Rate the last movie you saw

Originally Posted by Paul (Post 36118071)
but not brilliant, so five.


General Maximus 26-04-2022 21:33

Re: Rate the last movie you saw

Originally Posted by Stephen (Post 36114119)
I watched Moonfall and rather enjoyed it. Just what I want in a disaster movie. Entertaining and a good fun movie. Don't expect realism or the best acting performances.

I have got my moment of fame as well :D

Stephen 27-04-2022 02:06

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Seen it. I watch every honest trailer. They are pretty funny most of the time e.

Jimmy-J 27-04-2022 03:43

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Ambulance 3/10

General Maximus 06-05-2022 13:28

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness: 7/10

A very interesting story with a few very pleasant surprises which gave me big smiles. Visually spectacular and the story is setting a few things up. If I had to niggle I would say there wasn't any humour in it unlike most other MCU films. It did try in several places but it just didn't work; it wasn't funny.

Definitely worth watching at the cinema. There are two post credit scenes as always, one half way through and one right at the end. A new trailer for Avatar 2 is shown prior to the film starting so keep your eyes peeled so you don't miss it. It looks amazing.

If you would like to discuss this film in more detail I have started a separate thread here so you don't have to worry about putting everything in spoiler tags.

Stephen 06-05-2022 13:32

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
I totally enjoyed it and laughed a few times.

Sam Raimi definitely put his effort in. It's 100% a Raimi film. Many horror elements and humour worked in. Brilliant.

General Maximus 10-05-2022 20:00

Re: Rate the last movie you saw

Originally Posted by SnoopZ (Post 36114271)
And Uncharted grossed over $100m over its long weekend at the Global Box Office, looking forward to watching this.

General Maximus 13-05-2022 12:31

Re: Rate the last movie you saw
Firestarter: 4/10

It is okay and borderline watchable. Although it is produced by Blumhouse I would say it is more scifi horror (leaning more towards scifi ) than pure horror and the problem is that it doesn't do either very well. It is horror without the horror and it is scifi without a good quality story. Everything is very superficial, the whole premise of the story is that the little girl can start fires and cause immense devastation but when she does do it the camera is always focused on her facial expression rather that showing us a visual effects extravaganza and what it actually happening. I could go on but I won't.

My parting comment and food for thought from my realism factor: if she can miraculously teach herself some discipline and control her powers in the space of a few hours/days in the woods then wtf didn't she do it before?

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