View Full Version : NTL d5100 fault

27-01-2008, 21:08
Hi could anyone help me please
we have a D5100 phone and was working fine till today. My husband has been decorating. This evening the phone rang and we tried to answer it and it was dead... it rang again and again their was nothing their.... we have made sure all leads are plugged in and even tried the downstairs phone socket to make sure it wasnt the one in the room that had gone.... We even have an old phone that we keep for emergencys and that one works fine so its somthing to do with cordless one. Their is power going to the phone and the light comes on and it bleeps to say its got power.

Iv just rang my house phone from my mobile and it rang and my hubby answered it and i could hear him but he couldnt hear a thing. We then rang the mobile from the house again we couldnt hear anything but my mobile rang.

Has anyone any ideas what it could be please

27-01-2008, 22:11
Sounds like the phones got a problem with it's speaker or the amplifier that controls the speaker (the ringing comes from a sperate speaker)

To confirm though it's not VM's line try it quickly in a relatives/neighbours house. If it is the phone then it could be something as simple as a loose wire to a blown circuit..not really home fixable unless like me you used to be a omponent level repair technician. Is it under warranty or contract??