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13-01-2008, 19:01
Evening all,if anyone can shed some light on this one i`d sure appreciate it.:)
Dont really know anything about the Phones but we have the TV,Landline Phone and of course Broadband with Virgin....which i do know a little more about,now:)

We have one box for the phone in the living room though and a completely separate one(as i just today discovered) in the kitchen,which feeds a line to our bedroom.
Her Father in Law turned up at the door at Luchtime today saying he`d been trying to get through to us for about 4 hours.
Why he`d never called any of the mobiles i still dont know either??
When we subsequently picked the phones up to see what was happening though all we could hear was the noise of children playing in the background......like one of our own phones were off the hook and we were just hearing our own kids.
But it turned out not to be that at all.
We ended up calling ourseves from a mobile,only to be put right onto VM voicemail.

I was already pretty stumped by this time but it got worse.
I picked up the main living room phone and ...as silly as it seemed,tried calling out....over the children we were still hearing in the background.
I of course failed,as you`d expect.I mean there was`nt even a dialing tone(our girls were all like quiet little mice by this point)
I then tried the very same from the kitchen phone ....over the noisy kids still but this time i was able to dial out, over the top of them somehow.I could`nt hear any dialing tone,or beeps as i dialed out but suddenly i heard the ringing,over the kids as it were.

I somehow got through to Virgin(with noisy kids crossed line(?) in the background) and eventually had some nice Sveedish sounding chap at faults try calling us back himself.....ya.....nay:)
I made sure he took our mobile number and indeed,he called us back on the mobile about 5 mins later.He`d run some tool apparently and had us unplug all the wires etc.There was indeed a fault of some sort,with our 2nd box it seemed,but i would have to call CS back to have an engineer booked for it.
I did all that and hung back up,then out of sheer curiosity i tried plugging the 2nd line back in....which promptly decided to dial 999 for me:shocked:
I quickly explained & apoligised to the nice lass and hastily pulled that wire back out again.

As it stands we do have the living room box/phone working fine but i`m waiting for the engineer on that 2nd one now.....as advised:o:
Means a morning off work though,if she`s not working......i`ll need to make sure she is:D

We`ve all had crossed lines before i`m sure but being able to dial out,over the top like that was weird.
Trying to keep my 4 girls....and the wife quiet,at the same time as i was listening was a job in itself but i`m still none the wiser,even though i know it was`nt just them i was hearing.

I`m half expecting our next bill to have some 5 hour call on it somewhere but it was`nt us as nobody had used the Landline phone/s at all this morning.

More a curiosity than a problem i suppose:dunce:

13-01-2008, 20:28
If you phones have a secrecy button, you could have just pressed that ;)

13-01-2008, 21:50
If you phones have a secrecy button, you could have just pressed that

Naa...no secrecy buttons,i dont think anyway.:erm:
It was just some kind of crossed line with someone else`s kids but we`ve called all the kids friends since and none had called us this morning,or attempted to call even.
Recently we had the girls pal`s messing about on the phones at all hours but it was nothing to do with any of them this time it seems.
I thought mabey one of them had possibly called us but forgot to hang back up or were just being silly....again.It was`nt though.

The whole crossed line(?) thing was just strange.
We also dont have 999 saved as any kinda one button emergency thing either though so God knows why the kitchen phone suddenly decided to call 999 as soon as i plugged it back in.

Oh well......tales of the unexpected...do do do do do do do do:)

14-01-2008, 08:04
If it was a call connected with anyone if you unplug all phones from the sockets for 10 minutes this disconnects the line usually. Doubt this will help you though, does sound like a strangely crossed line.

14-01-2008, 20:46
If it was a call connected with anyone if you unplug all phones from the sockets for 10 minutes this disconnects the line usually. Doubt this will help you though, does sound like a strangely crossed line

Truthfully i did`nt even consider doing so,but then i had`nt expected to suddenly get through to Virgin,over the top of crossed line but from only the kitchen phone of course.
Same with the PC`s & BB i suppose......if it does not compute,you must reboot:)

Funnily enough we had a voicemail message from Sven the Swede(?) today.......
It was from yesterday when he`d tried calling the landline himself but to listen to the message you`d have thought he was actually talking to me there and then,strange voicemail that was:erm:
It gave us a bit of a chuckle but he was good stuff,he tried to be anyway.When he was`nt saying "Ya" after every other word.

Got the engineer coming in the morning so we`ll see what they say/do.
It`s been a pain this evening having this lot charging up & down the stairs to get to the one working phone downstairs.

It`s never for the girl that gets there first either.:dozey:

16-01-2008, 00:00
Well the enginneer was here this morning......while i was out :erm:
But, the missus managed to articulate the problems quite well apparently so Big Tony the Jamaican explained the possible problems to her........one being that the green box had possibly had an enginner in there at the time trying to do his job without affecting others or worse,the box had been open to the elements,with kids messing around with them possibly.
Sounded unlikey as i know our box is always locked....make sure of it even:)

Tonys left is own number,which is more than many of the BB mob have ever done so at least i wont need to start all over again to CS if it happens again.Kitchen lines fine now although we`ve refrained from adding the bedroon phone into the mix for now......which certainly suits me on a weekend:D

Alls well that ends well:)