View Full Version : 150 automated message problems.

11-01-2008, 11:43
When I dial 150 the following happens.

1. I'm asked to enter my phone number, which I do
2. I'm given 5 choices. Upon entering my choice (I've tried 3 and 5) I get automated voice telling me I forgot to enter anything. I then have to wait until voice runs through choices again.
3. Upon entering choice again I'm told by same automated voice that they're currently having 'technical problems' and to try again later.

I've been trying all week so can't report original problem or the ones above !

Is anyone else having similar problems ?

11-01-2008, 17:33
Just tried. all working ok here, is your phone set to pulse or ring?

11-01-2008, 21:25
Thanks for your reply, lostandconfused. I'm not technically minded but my phone rings so I assume it's set to ring.
Anyway I managed to get through one time and the girl told me the following:

1. Having to select the option twice is probably because the first time isn't registering.
2. The 'technical problems' message is probably just because there are too many people phoning at that time (at one o'clock in the morning !!).

I've just installed a new computer and hdtv and had lots of problems installing them but both are working fine now so hopefully I won't have to phone again for a long time. Thanks again.