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21-12-2007, 19:02
so richie owns vm well my vm nitemare started the day i got it installed 1hr after install i got my noiubours phone ringing when some1 dialed my number then the next day all my services cut off after 2weeks and at least 25 phone calls im back on for 1day next they ut my phone off takes another 2weeks but then they say theres a line fault (just disonected at the box as i said) next i get some1 from vm knocking at my door to collect my stuff after he phone vm to onfirm mistake and also books them out to fix my phone he leaves .phone comes back on wensday guess what sataday morning at 8am theres banging at the door vm come to collet my box again i dont want to caneal uv mad a mistake continues to bang on my door to which i reply F!@K££$"""!!"£$**** so im on the phone again to vm to sort this out then the vm man comes back rips the box from the front ov my house and cuts wire so im on phone again this time 4 2hrs and finaly i talk to a area manager who get wire fixed the vm man the sack and gives me free xl tv 4 6mts for inconvenise and asures me its all been a mistake and its all sorted so come monday last week my phone gets cut off again so and the earlest some1 is oming is the 8 jan what a joke so now i want to omplain to the man him self any1 know how to ontat him or any managers at vm?

21-12-2007, 19:04
Wow! I see nobody gave you the gift of punctuation this Christmas.

21-12-2007, 19:28
Punctuation? Basic reading and writing skills would be a start...?!

First of all 'richie' (i've left the caps off for authenticity) doesnt own the company, he doesnt even own a controlling share in the business.

Secondly if you do decide to write in, I would spend a bit of time on the composition.. It gives you a great deal more credibility.

21-12-2007, 19:33
FYI, "richie" doesn't own "vm"; Virgin Group, of which he is chairman, own 11% of Virgin Media shares.

May I suggest you PM one of the mods, who may be able to escalate your issue within VM through their contacts.

22-12-2007, 00:15
Tell me something, why is it that when someone posts a very serious question you guys are all over them just because they didnt punctuate it.. did you understand the point any less? no exactly so quit being hottible and help the guy.

Listen mate you could hope one of the mods here will escalate it for you or look up Virgin Media's main Switchboard number. When the Operator answers the phone ask to speak to the central complaints team. If you get fobed off here then call back and ask to speak to media relations, they have a high level complaints handler contact.

If still no Joy phone customer service and select the options to cancel your service. You will then be put through to retentions. Tell the person who answers the phone you would like them to fix the problems with your service within the next 3 working days or you will be cancelling your contract as VM have not deleived the services you are paying for. Dont get shirty with the guy/Gal on the phone they are trying to help you (well most are) if you are not happy with what retentions purpose then ask to speak to a manager - no call back - insist on escalation and thank the adviser for there help. Explain the situation to the manager and if this doesnt work ask to speak to the Operations Manager, most Ops Managers do not take calls but by asking you show just how far your willing to go.

The key here is do not be rude to the advisers... not even on hold as everything you say on hold is recorded by the call recording system.

if i can help you any further please post back

22-12-2007, 09:49
cheers trent il give it ago glad some1 will try and help instead ov moaning about how i spell

Paul K
22-12-2007, 09:56
If you want to be taken seriously in any communication of complaint then actually putting effort into it is worthwhile. Even better check your facts before posting so that you know who you need to contact for your complaint. People on forum board "moan" about spelling and punctuation as it is extremely difficult to read badly formatted posts and posting in "l33t or txt" speak (otherwise known as f***wit speak) makes it even harder to understand and help.

22-12-2007, 10:18
Tell me something, why is it that when someone posts a very serious question you guys are all over them just because they didnt punctuate it.. did you understand the point any less? no exactly so quit being hottible and help the guy....snip snip snip
Actually, some of us did try to help, but we also pointed out that the post was
a) factually incorrect in some major points
b) it would be easier to help if we could read the post without having to decipher / translate.

Call me old-fashioned, but surely if you are looking for advice, you make it easy for people to help you by making the post readable? A 200-300 word post without one full stop or comma is not easy to read (imho). Stream-of-consciousness-speak may work for Catherine Tate, but most other people have difficulty understanding them.

Again, I would recommend the OP PMs one of the CF Mods, who can use their contacts within VM to escalate this.

22-12-2007, 11:06
Ok, yes the post is difficult to read, but then so are a large number of posts made on forums. Lets not all keep on and on about it. One single comment would have been enough.

The customer has clearly been messed around far too much. There has to be a reason why the VM records said he was cancelling, and probably that is related to why the phone keeps getting cut off. Probably one of VM's infamous computer says issues. It's still no excuse.

scu11y69, the Cable Forum Team does have high level contacts at Virgin Media who have proven good at cutting to the chase on these sorts of matters. There are no guarantees, but if you PM me some details - account holder name, account number and a contact email and daytime phone number (maybe a mobile), and any other details of the problems that come to mind, we'll forward it and see what they have to say.

22-12-2007, 13:44
Thanks Rob,

Scu11y69 I hope you get this sorted.