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11-12-2007, 14:07
when i took out my contract in october with virgin,(xl broadband,xl tv,talk unlimited,)i did it partly online and partly by phone as i was offered a better deal.unfortunatly i have lost the paper i wrote the deal down on but could anyone clarify something for me please.my phone deal is £11 line rental and £7.95 talk unlimited.however also on the bill is £16.34 call charges.i understand the £3.10 for calls to none landline but i thought all other calls (01,02,03) were free with talk unlimited.call centre were not too helpful.thanks. john

11-12-2007, 16:56
The calls are free yes but if you go over an hour you will charged for the remainder of the call and you refered to £3.10 for non landline calls I am guessing you are saying that as they are the only calls that are itemised as ANY TYPE of call that is below 50 p wont sho anyways unless u have full itemiseation

12-12-2007, 10:20
thank you for your reply.i assume that must be it but they dont make it very clear on the bill.it states calls below 50p.number of calls 70 duration 90mins cost £13.24.is that 90mins the total time of the 70 calls,or the duration over 59mins?because if it is the total time it is only 31mins over the time for which you get charged so £13.24 for 31mins seems rather steep!

12-12-2007, 15:47
no worries I would check that out because £13 aint right 31 minutes @ 3.25p

12-12-2007, 18:11
The bills don't show any calls covered by Talk Weekends/Evening & Weekends/Unlimited, even if you have full itemisation (it counts it the same as if they were 0800 numbers). so you made 70 chargeable calls, each of which cost less than 50p each, and all those 70 calls totalled 90mins, (either calls to 0845/mobiles/118 services etc or the bit of any landline call that went over 60 mins). All that then cost £13.24

If it says £16.34 in calls charges then roughly £3.10 of the calls will have been shown seperately because each call cost more that 50p

That is purely usage of the phone outside the Talk Plan. The cost of rental for the phone is on a completely different section of the bill (Service Charges)

The bills make no distinction between types of calls. if they are chargeable and over 50p you will see it itemised. if they are under 50p you wont

If you want to dispute it Virgin can send out a call log as a one-off for that bill. takes up to 10 days to get to you

14-12-2007, 15:44
thanks for that ben.sorry for delay in replying.i will try billing again as i must be dense.i still cannot see how we have made 70 chargable calls when according to the package calls are free.

14-12-2007, 17:02
Yes but is only UK landline calls i.e calls with phone numbers starting 01 and 02 that are free, and they dont show on the bill if they have been covered by the plan.

Calls made outside the plan do show. This is anything that doesnt start with 01 or 02, or landline calls that lasted more than an hour (for which you'll be charge for the 60mins+ bit only)

16-12-2007, 22:56
i still cannot see how we have made 70 chargable calls when according to the package calls are free.
You've made 70 chargable calls, which together lasted a total of 90minutes, to numbers not included in the plan (i.e. national rate or mobile), that each cost less than 50p.
Only calls over 50p are itemised so your £3.10 is ONLY the calls outside your plan that cost more than 50p. All the other non-included ones will be in the £13.24

17-12-2007, 13:14
Also if you've made a call that lasted a second, eg calling a mobile and it went straight to voicemail so you hung up, that would still be counted as a call. If you've done that a few times, it quickly adds up over a month.