View Full Version : The last straw with Virgin

03-12-2007, 20:27
Sorry for this ppl, but I've just got to let off steam On Saturday my phone went dead. Phoned Virgin from a relatives to report this on Sunday morning, and they made arrangements for someone to come out Tuesday. On the way home from the phone call I thought I would check the green box in the road, and found that the local****** had vandalised it, the doors were wide open.
Goes back and phones Virgin, and was told this was a health and safety issue, and someone would be out straight away. At 9:15 last night, still no sign, so I phoned Virgin back. THE CALL NEVER GOT ANSWERED TILL 10pm. The girl who answered was a little snot who's attitude was " what do you want me to do about it" She said she would get a manager to phone me in work, but guess what, no phone call.

I knew my phone was not fixed as I tried to ring it from work, but when i phoned Virgin at 3;50 today, I was told it was fixed, which I disputed, but they said it was defo done. Came home from work, PHONE NOT WORKING!:mad:
Checked with the guy next door and his phone is still off as well. Just been back to phone Virgin, after 20mins gets through, but this time to India.
end up having a big row, as some stupid *******Indian keeps telling me they cant do anything as my phone is already fixed. They transfer me to Customer Services, who say they cant help, but will speak to there fault fixing ppl and will transfer me over. I ask not to be put through to India. 20 mins later they put me through TO ****** INDIA. This time the guy on the phone was getting answers off his manager as I was speaking to him, and again he didn't have a clue. He wants to send someone to the house, when I've tried telling them the fault is at the box in the street, it's not just me who's off. Ended up slamming the phone down in frustration, like banging your head against a brick wall. as far as Virgin are concerned my phone is fixed when all that's been fixed is the doors on the green box.

I've been with Telewest / Virgin for over 12 yrs, and I give them quite a bit of money every month with the services I get, but that's it now. Going to give 30 days notice and go back to BT. The standard of service off this company is comical, but not in a funny way.

Rant over:mad: