View Full Version : block the specific calls

27-09-2007, 17:55
Is it possible to block the specific international incoming calls
(landline and mobile)?

Is it possible to block the specific 0844 outgoing calls from my Virgin home number?

How much will it be cost for me and how can i do it?

27-09-2007, 22:25
Don't think you can block incoming calls but you can bar all 08 outgoing calls it costs 1.75 pm and you can get a pin that lets make the calls if you wish

28-09-2007, 09:40
as above answer no you cant block specific no's you can block different categories of no's I.E mobile, premium, dir inquiries, premium, international calls.

And the charge is £1.75 per month with different keystrokes given and a pin number allowing you to override the block

28-09-2007, 18:28
Youd think in this day and age the technology would allow us as HIGH paying customers, we could have alot more control.. Ive been asking for call barring for mobile calls for many years now, unfortunatly, mobile calls also include national landline calls, I mean, WTF?

03-10-2007, 21:28
Thanks to all. It is pity but you are right.
Virgin cannot block the incoming calls which numbers I know.