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19-08-2007, 00:10
Had my landline installed on Tuesday just gone and its a re-used number. Had voice mail messages on there from an employment agency. Not impressed to know the number is used. Rang up 150 some bloke gave me an 0800 number to ring said tell them your number and it will be droped from all databases. Only the number dont exist. Any one any idea what this number is or if there is any thing i can do to stop or if i can get another number thats not Used!


19-08-2007, 11:29
The 0800 number was probably for the TPS (Telephone Preference Service), you can go online and register here (http://www.tpsonline.org.uk/). All they do is add you to a list of do not call numbers for telemarketing companies, the companies can then reference this list and remove you from their lists. There's also the MPS (Mailing Preference Service) for junk mail here (http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/).

Regarding getting your number changed, I believe it's possible. There was the high profile case of the mother given a young nympho's number (http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/07/16/not_so_virgin_number/) who was offered a number change. Should be able to call CS and get it sorted.

Hope that helps

19-08-2007, 12:08
Unfortunately there is only a certain amount of numbers VM can give a new customer, so it always a possibility that you will get a used one.

All numbers are kept out of circulation for a minimum of 90 days after someone disconnects to avoid someone having a number assigned the day after its disconnected elsewhere.

AFAIK BT assign a number per house so when you move in you get the same number as the last people (unless they've taken it with them)

19-08-2007, 13:10
I know when my telco line was first installed. It was a business number. I rung staff accounts and they gave me a new number thats never been assined before. Only problem is its a 0114 3XXXX number as most people from Sheffield know the normal numbers are 0114 2XXX so when I give it out on one belives its a legit number.

Just ring Customer Care and they can do a number change for you. Only problem is they won't be able to know if its been used before so you may end up with a number that gets even more calls

19-08-2007, 15:37
Still getting calls for the previous owner, maybe I should make a few forged applitions for credit in his name ;)

21-08-2007, 14:54
When I moved to an old address on BT I was told the previous owners had some pesty calls. I got the number changed, exdirectory and TPS immediately.
The main issue was that parts of the town including me had short phone numbers
eg 01234 8xxxx and some long 01234 6xxxxx. The number of sites that refused the short number.

(BTW 01234 is not the real STD code)

21-08-2007, 14:57
We were given a number that used to belong to a 24-hour haulage company.....that was fun.....