View Full Version : Fault on line (possibly recurring)

13-08-2007, 10:45

hoping there a few experts out there who can help me.

My V-M phone (previously ntl) wouldn't work on Friday morning. I could hear the phone ringing, but when I lifted the receiver, I could only hear the buzz of the phone ringning and no-one could get through. When trying to ring out, there was no dial-tone and it sounded like an open line.

Rang the help-line on mobile, and eventually told that an engineer was aware of problem and line should be ok by 5pm. That appeared to be fine.

Sunday morning, same thing all over. Rang again and was told that an engineer would be out with me on Tuesday morning. Kept trying phone every hour, and at 11pm found that line working again.

I've checked the service status page and my area not mentioned on either day (or at all). I know that it's not my phone at fault.

After that rambling, my questions are; is my fault a regularly recognised one? Do I cancel the engineer and keep my fingers crossed? Is the service status page always up to date?

I just don't want a grumpy engineer coming to inspect a working line. Could I get charged if they don't find a fault?


13-08-2007, 11:36
I would get them to come out and check, I had a simlar problem with BT and it took them 2 months to fix it.