View Full Version : Receiving messages on ansaphone

13-08-2007, 09:31

I can get voicemails on 1571 fine. But, unlike using BT, my phone's ansaphone service doesn't store messages. I have a Panasonic KK-TCA181E.

Any solutions?


16-08-2007, 08:31
With 1571 your messages are stored on a central(ish) server. When you don't answer or are already on the phone, the call diverts into the voicemail platform and is answered by that where your caller leaves the message. There's no way, that I know of, for the message to get from the voicemail platform to your phone without you calling 1571 and listening to it.

When you were with BT did you have BT Answer 1571 enabled? If you didn't then your ansaphone would have picked up the call rather than it diverting to BT's voicemail platform.

If you want to use your phone's ansaphone rather than VM's voicemail, then you have two options:

1) Set your ansaphone to answer after fewer rings than the VM voicemail platform (I think that answers after 4 rings by default on the free version, although I read somewhere that you can call CS and they can change that for you). This way, if your phone loses power you can still get messages.

2) Get voicemail removed from your line (again a call to CS would be required for that) and use the phone's ansaphone instead.

Hope that helps, (or maybe I didn't completely understand your question?)