View Full Version : Phone rings, but only hear someones TV and can't ring off!

10-08-2007, 23:07
Twice now in the last couple of months with my VM phone I've had a situation where the phone has rung and I pick it up but can only hear a TV in the background and no one answers when I talk and I can't disconnect the call?

Today was one of those occasions. I put the phone down and then pick it back up to do a 1471, but the same call is still active as I could hear the TV in the background. Putting the phone down and picking it up would not cut the connection and give me dial tone? This lasted for 20 minutes until I asked a neighbour to ring my phone which then cured the problem, I could get a dial tone and dial out!

Someone suggested it was possibly a mobile phone with my number in that had accidently been dialed and the person wasn't aware of the call?

Anyone else had this happen to them?

Chris W
10-08-2007, 23:11
I've had someone leave me a 20 minute voicemail of them in a bar after calling me without realising. Speed dial is bad.

11-08-2007, 03:36
Aye! Nowt like hearing your Wife/Girlfriend in some sleazy bar when they said they were working late :rolleyes: