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28-07-2007, 08:55
Hi Everyone,

well i didnt think i would ever have to post back here again since a really nice guy from this great site sorted out my phoneline problem for me last year after being messed around for over a month by NTL before it was fixed and sorted(within 24 hours of posting here which i so much appreciated and could not understand why it took NTL so long lol) anyways my phone has been down again since last monday which i guess isnt too long but after phoning them im getting the awfull feeling im going to get messed around like i did last time, they are giving me the same run around each time telling me it will take 2 days to connect as i have been deleted from the system??? but still connected(huh!!)which i cant understand why this has happened because all my bills are up to date makes no sense to me or is it me having a blonde moment?lol ive been using my neighbours phone to call them as i darnt use my moble as each time im being passed from person to person or on hold, has anyone else had this problem i would assume that this should be an easy problem to fix according to them just afew pushed of a button(As the lady told me from virgin lol) so why am i still not connected? lol Any input would be so much appreciated!



28-07-2007, 11:39
it could be that for some unknown reason your service has come off the switch, if thats the case it has to be sent off to 2nd-line
whos sla is 48 hours ....

29-07-2007, 18:08
ok thank you for the reply i will keep that in mind and hopefully fingers crossed phone will be working soon :)

29-07-2007, 19:01
I've never had this problem before with Telewest-Virgin media but did have the problem with BT when they disconnected my line and then reconnected it with someone else name and address which was a few floors above me, but was my line at my address that was being serviced instead of theirs. I guess the person who made the mistake must need glasses or contacts because flat 9 and flat 39 are totally different numbers.