View Full Version : Incoming calls not ringing on digital cordless phone

Sally Mann
20-06-2007, 22:29
Hi All

I'm a former NTL subscriber in East London with the 3 in 1 Virgin package. After working fine for years, my digital cordless Binatone phone is not ringing when I get an incoming call, although I can use it to dial out, and an old analogue phone I've got does ring when plugged into the same socket. The Binatone seems fine - all lights are on, I haven't accidentally switched off the incoming ring tone, etc, etc. I was wondering if it could be a problem with interference over the airwaves. I've got a Virgin techie coming out in about 10 days (earliest they could make it when I'm home) but don't want to waste everybody's time, so any suggestions would be gratefully received.


20-06-2007, 22:36
I would cancel the tech call. If the analogue phone rings then its not a phone line issue and you may be charged £50 for the call out

Sally Mann
20-06-2007, 23:12
OK, thanks - have cancelled engineer. Following that, switched phone off for 5 mins then on again and this time old method seems to have kick started it again.