View Full Version : B77 Phone line dead.

01-06-2007, 23:59
Hi all.

Since around about 2pm (when I noticed it) yesterday our phone line is completely dead.

Used the mob (Cost £5!) to ring VM. around about 10pm as we're getting pee'd off as we were expecting a very important phone call & it couldn't get through! :mad:

Tried to ring my brother up the road that rings through aswell (A few houses away from us). Looks like the whole street is out then..

At first we thought it was because of a very serious house fire (They have no roof & someone died apparently) a couple of blocks away. Or the heavy rain. Although our TV / Broadband would be dead aswell.

Someone has been booked to come & take a look. :erm:

02-06-2007, 00:59
Could be a problem with the mux / dsa that controls the the aera if others are of in the aera and the tv is ok :)If a card fails it should alarm out so a network tech can come out .lets see what happens tommorow :D