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28-03-2007, 08:50
I changed from AOL to Virgin`s Bundle 3 in Jan 07 and had Free Fone since 16 Feb..
1 March they Took £30 from B/card... Why
To find out I tried for weeks to get into my account/ebill ...Error message from Virgin .. wrong place .. no where else to go except to fone them at great cost....
I asked them to fone me back, they can`t/won`t let me speak to a Manager who can or put it right .. they don`t have one ..they are left on their own???
Finally they say there is an error online to my account.. I know!!!!! I got that information free...
The chap said that the £20 was the fone bill .. how come thought it was free so rarely use it out of the free zone ..
Am so angry at the Service?? Charges they take for playing me music, a robotic negative voice, eventually a human who repeats notes in front of them or learned.
Still do not know why they took that amount from my Visa .. I made very few calls in the daytime although when I did they were mostly Screaming at them at an enormously heavy rate per min..
They have pages of Free Help Services but no one yet has answered any of my emails .. so to talk to a Human for help drains me of money time and energy ..
Even to sign up and buy their deals is at local rate
Surely they are making enuff money to really HELP....
Are `free call deals` cost effect???...............
Asked how their calls compare to normal BT .. this time a girl said to go to their talk site .. I did .. it is selling bundles, shavers whoknowswhat and saying how clever they are and how happy we shoud be ..
AOL wasn`t so bad but to be fair think they are all flawed….
Today I can get into my ebill account Hurrah ..somebody has pushed the button BUT it is showing I only owe them 99p
Dare I fone back and waste more time and money ????

28-03-2007, 09:05
If you are on a virgin phone line, you can call cs on 150 and faults on 151 for free.