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05-03-2007, 18:25
My dad wants to take a telephone service from NTL once he retires from his home-run business. He wants to know if his number will/can be listed in the telephone directory (distributed by BT) or if this is only for BT customers.

Can anyone advise?


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05-03-2007, 19:05
If your father were to take a telephone line with Virgin Media, he can request to have his number made ex-directory. This will mean that the next time the telephone book is printed, the number would not be listed there.

Virgin Media can also offer anonymous caller rejection and permanent number concealment to help maintain anonymity.

I would like to also point out, that if your father is taking a residential line for business purposes, he will be subject to standard residential SLA's, and that using such a line for business purposes may be in violation of the acceptible use policy of the line itself.

05-03-2007, 19:15
As in my earlier post, my dad wants to take a residential line WHEN HE RETIRES... he already has 4 business lines which he will be surrendering (currently with BT) and his looking at the options for when he gives up the business. He doesn't want to keep any of the numbers as the business will close.

He WANTS to be in the telephone directory - he is concerned if he goes with VM that he would not be listed as he thinks the BT directory is only for BT customers.

05-03-2007, 21:22
hi , yes he will be listed the directory is called the phone book it is just made by BT

you have to opt out of any listing .

link : http://www.thephonebook.bt.com/