View Full Version : 0870 rip off

18-02-2007, 21:21
Ofcom states that all calls to 0870 'charge the same or less for 0870 calls as they do for national-rate calls to geographic numbers '

NTL / Virgin media is not doing this. As they charge for a 0870 call during the weekend.


18-02-2007, 21:36
Try looking at www.saynoto0870.com and search for a direct dial number

18-02-2007, 21:37
Err, no mention of times there. That change, IIRC, was implemented to stop providers charging massive amounts (sometimes over £20 a minute) for 0870 calls.

It also allows companies to charge what they want, as long as that charge is clearly announded before the call is charged for.

Finally, are you calling Faults or Customer Services. If you are, and are using an NTL line, you can call them for free on 151 and 150.

Paul K
18-02-2007, 21:44
It also states that the pricing will be bought in 18 months after the publishing date which has not yet arrived
Ofcom has decided that changes to 0870 calls will be introduced 18 months after the conclusion of the wider Numbering Review (due for publication in summer 2006). The 12 month timetable for 0870 changes proposed last September has been revised to ensure coordination with the outcome of the Ofcom’s Numbering Review and to allow sufficient time for industry to make the changes required
and that people not wishing to follow this pricing can do so via a specified process.

If providers wish to charge more for 0870 calls they will have to make a free-to-caller price pre-announcement at the start of the call.