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West Ham Man
09-02-2007, 11:26
Dear All,
On 31.01.07 my phone, internet, and tv services were disconnected. I phoned up to ask why and was told that there was no good reason(we were £100 in credit on the last statement). The girl I spoke to said that we would be reconnected in less than 48 hours. 48 hours came & went. On 02.02.07, after a hospital appointment my family had a hell of alot to grieve about, but we had no landline still. Freaked out and sent a letter to the swansea customer services demanding compensation within 3 working weeks. On the 03.02.07 an NTL engineer came around to remove the TV top box.On learning what the situation was, he phoned up NTL to get the problem sorted. Spoke to a Edited. Neil advised me that we would have a landline by Tuesday possibly Monday(05.02.07). Today 9.02.07, I have internet(minus E-mail) but no phone or TV package. I WANT BLOOD. What can I reasonably expect from NTL if they wont play ball. Can I take them to the small claims court at County Court?

09-02-2007, 11:33
Please do not publish personal details of NTL staff on this forum.

:welcome: to the forum. Sorry to hear about your problems. We have contacts within NTL. If you want, I can refer this to them. If you just PM me your Name, address, account number and contact phone no, I can refer this to them.

09-02-2007, 11:35
I sympathise with your upset and anger, but it probably be more likely (and reasonable) to ask NTL/Virgin Media for credit in lieu of lack of service and compensation.

I would ask for a couple of months of Broadband/TV/Line rental free; you have to ask yourself what you could actually claim for in the Small Claims Court - loss of 4 days Broadband, and 10 days (so far) Internet and Telephone Line (probably max of £40-£50 in charges for services you haven't received).